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Lilac’s Wine Bar philosophy is a deliberate focus on smaller producers deeply engaged in the vineyard embodying a hands-on approach that allows the site and soil to speak through the wine. A distinctive feature lies in showcasing classic examples of grape varieties and regions side by side with less conventional counterparts from the same grape and location – a harmonious blend of the classic and the modern. I love this approach and I have myself previously written some lists highlighting comparative tastings because it gives perspective and allows a deeper understanding of the world of wine. It also always gives you plenty to talk about!

Seeking departure from the ordinary, the list is constantly evolving to showcase a selection that goes beyond the mainstream. It may appear to be quite esoteric, but I find it refreshing to be able to explore a thoroughly researched list where the sommelier proves their maestro skills in orchestrating diversity, balance and intrigue. There is no conformity here! Do not expect a Pinot Grigio by the glass. You will instead embrace an ethos that believes in balancing tradition with innovation. That being said, the avant-garde context never compromises the essence of enjoyment. The overarching principle is clear; fun, flavour, and joy are the hallmark of the experience, emphasizing that the journey into the world of wine should be accessible and delightful for all drinkers, regardless of their background or knowledge of winemaking techniques.

Wine is in everyone’s DNA at Lilac. The passion of the sommelier extends to a dedication to share the knowledge with other front of house staff as well as the kitchen team. Ensuring the staff’s education means they can all elevate the entire dining experience, turning it into a collaborative journey of discovery.

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