Il Sorpasso

Wine Bar

Rome, Italy

About Il Sorpasso

Just a stone's throw from the Vatican City, Il Sorpasso, already in its name (which means 'the overtaking'), evokes a sense of movement and initiation into life. This sentiment is reflected in its rustic yet inviting and convivial environment, where a varied clientele, ranging from adventurous youngsters to seasoned professionals, gathers amidst stools at the counters and scattered tables both inside and outside the venue.

Operating as both a restaurant and wine bar, one's appetite is immediately tempted by an exposed glass room showcasing cheeses and cured meats from various regions, promising rich and satisfying aperitifs.

The wine list, generously sized and well-organized, predominantly features Italian selections, although there are delightful surprises from abroad as well, including some gems available by the glass. If in doubt, the knowledgeable sommeliers are on hand to provide insights into the intriguing details of each bottle.

Wine team

  • SC
    Simone Cavaterra

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