The 12 best wine bars and wine restaurants in Trentino-Alto Adige 2024

Where to drink great wine and eat well in Trentino-Alto-Adige? Star Wine List has the answers! Our ambassador, sommelier Eros Teboni, has selected his favourites among the wine bars and wine restaurants in the region. Check out the guide!

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  1. Phone: +39 0472 694979

    Address: Dorfstraße, 19, Brixen

    Hotel Santré stands out as an excellent choice for lovers of good wine and fine cuisine. This hotel offers a high-quality food and wine experience, combining fine classic wines with affordable prices. The hotel's kitchen is renowned for its exquisite culinary offerings, which perfectly complement the rich and varied wine list. A strong point of the Hotel Santré is its extremely competent sommelier, always ready to guide guests through a unique sensory journey. In particular, the hotel boasts an exceptional selection of wines, with a special focus on wines from Tuscany and Piedmont, making ev...

  2. Phone: +39 0472 835343

    Address: Vicolo del Duomo, 3, Bressanone

    Located in the picturesque centre of Bressanone, Enoteca Vitis is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. Specialising in the wines of the region, this restaurant offers a wide and carefully curated selection, highlighting the oenological richness of South Tyrol. Its wide variety of local wines is accompanied by excellent service, making every visit a pleasant and memorable experience. The owner, Christoph, is known for his profound knowledge of wine, providing guests with expert and personalised advice. At Restaurant Vitis, guests can immerse themselves in a journey through the best wines...

  3. Phone: 0473 926111

    Address: Via Principale, 39, Tirolo

    Hotel Erika is a historic establishment that offers an excellent food and wine experience, guided by the mastery of its great sommelier, Mr Tappeiner. Specialising in fine wines, Hotel Erika stands out for its exceptional selection of labels from Tuscany and the renowned Bordeaux region. Its offer also extends to Piedmontese and international wines, guaranteeing a variety capable of satisfying even the most refined and diverse palates. Each selected bottle represents Hotel Erika's commitment to offering only the best in the world of wine, making each tasting an unforgettable experience full...

  4. Phone: +39 0473 923693

    Address: Vicolo dei Castagni, 18, Tirolo

    Hotel Castel di Tirolo offers a distinctive wine experience, highlighting the best of South Tyrolean wines, known for their excellence and character. The wine list is carefully curated, ensuring a faithful representation of the region's great classics, which tell a story of tradition and quality. In addition to local treasures, the hotel presents an important selection of French wines, with a special focus on Champagne, offering guests the opportunity to explore some of the world's most prestigious and sought-after bubbles. The depth of the selection also extends to Italian wines, with a wid...

  5. Phone: +39 0472 843111

    Address: Vicolo Franz von Defregger, 14, Villandro

    To enter the Ansitz Steinbock Restaurant is to immerse oneself in a world where passion for wine and culinary excellence meet in perfect harmony. The restaurant's sommelier, known for his vast knowledge and expertise, guides guests on a unique sensory journey, exploring a wide range of wines. The relationship between cuisine and wine is carefully cultivated, ensuring that each dish is accompanied by its ideal wine counterpart. Guests have the opportunity to taste both great classics and venture into the discovery of wines from the new world. This variety offers a global perspective on wine,...

  6. Phone: +39 0472 433300

    Address: Frazione Colle, 51, Colle

    Hidden like a jewel among the majestic Alps, the Hotel Tenne Lodges offers a wine experience that is as exclusive as its setting. The wine list, with a special focus on top wines from South Tyrol and Tuscany, is a tribute to Italy's most prestigious wine regions. The offering is enriched with an international selection, guaranteeing a variety to satisfy the most demanding and adventurous palates. The wine cellar, an architectural masterpiece made of silver quartzite, is the beating heart of this oenological experience, a place where the beauty of nature merges with the passion for wine. With...

  7. Phone: +39 0473 645474

    Address: Via Passiria, 47, San Martino in Passiria

    The Quellenhof Gourmetstube 1897 is a true gem for wine enthusiasts, known for its specialisation in Tuscan wines and its exclusive wine list, which includes some rarities. It offers guests the opportunity to explore an exceptionally well-curated wine list, which highlights not only the variety and quality of Tuscan wines but also an impressive selection of great South Tyrolean classics. The depth of their wine offering makes it possible to discover and appreciate wines of excellent workmanship, from the most renowned names to lesser-known but equally surprising ones.

  8. Phone: +39 0471 795135

    Address: Strada Plan de Gralba, 3, Selva di Val Gardena

    The Hotel Plan De Gralba stands out in the hotel scene for its outstanding wine offering, and is led by an experienced and knowledgeable sommelier. On the wine list, you'll find a wide selection of German, Austrian and French wines, with a special focus on Burgundy and Jura, as well as fine wines from the region. The hotel also offers an excellent selection of great Italian classics but is above all known for its ability to present relevant international wines, guaranteeing guests a diverse and high-level wine experience.

  9. Phone: +39 0471 796315

    Address: Via Vidalong, 3, Ortisei

    The Hotel Relais Châteaux Gardena is a true paradise for wine lovers, where every detail of the wine selection is taken care of with great attention. This hotel is distinguished by its exceptional wine list, which offers the possibility of travelling through flavours from all over the world. The selection is not only limited to the great classics but also includes small local producers, representing a tribute to the richness and diversity of the wine scene. A special mention goes to the wide range of wines available by the glass, allowing guests to experience a variety of tastes without havi...

    Anna Stuben Restaurant - Hotel Gardena is temporarily closed.

  10. Phone: +39 0473 563733

    Address: Via delle Palade, 1, Cermes

    Restaurant Miil is a top destination for lovers of good food and high-quality wine. The wine list is carefully selected to accompany the excellent cuisine, presenting an international assortment ranging from the fine wines of France, including those of Burgundy and Champagne, to the wines characteristic of the local region. The variety on offer allows guests to choose between small artisanal producers and big labels, guaranteeing a wine experience that satisfies every palate. In addition to its exceptional quality, Restaurant Miil also stands out for its excellent value for money, making eve...

  11. Phone: +39 0472 547177

    Address: Via Pichl, 24, Rio di Pusteria

    The Hotel Valserhof is a gastronomic masterpiece, where the passion for wine blends harmoniously with the art of catering and the excellence of hoteliers. This establishment goes far beyond the traditional concept of a hotel, with a wine cellar offering a project dedicated to the love of wine. With more than 24,000 bottles, the Hotel Valserhof houses a collection that expresses dedication and extensive research, with a great selection of champagne and sparkling wines. The cellar also holds a refined selection of wines from Piedmont and Burgundy. Each bottle tells a story of passion and disco...

  12. Phone: +39 0474 646629

    Address: Via Walther von der Vogelweide, 17, Brunico

    The Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler is a true icon in the world of Italian food and wine, representing a must-visit destination for lovers of quality wine and food. This extraordinary place offers an exceptionally varied wine list, where one can find virtually every type of wine imaginable, from historic to the most recent vintages. Atelier Moessmer guarantees an unparalleled wine experience, where every discovery becomes an unforgettable moment. The breadth and quality of the selection will satisfy every connoisseur looking for rare and unique wines, as well as those wishing to explor...