Tibor Werzl: "The wine bar scene in Düsseldorf is buzzing right now"

Tibor Werzl, Star Wine List's new Dusseldorf ambassador.
Andreas Grube
Published 29-June-2023
Interview / Germany

Tibor Werzl started his career as a chef – but later on, fell deeply in love with wine. Today he works as Head Sommelier for the Livingroom Restaurant Group, responsible for the beverage program for five restaurants. Now he also takes on the role of Star Wine List's new Dusseldorf ambassador.

"It feels great! All the ambassadors for Star Wine List are well-known and highly respected. I feel very welcomed and honoured to be part of such a great circle of wine people. The worldwide network is just fantastic," says Tibor about his new role.

"I am excited to show all the hidden treasures of restaurants and wine bars that I have discovered in my area over the last years."

Tibor Werzl was born in Dortmund in 1986. In 2010, he finished his training to become a chef and then worked in Bochum and Essen for five years before passing his sommelier exam in 2015.

"I had a Head Chef who was really into wine. He recognized that I was interested in wine so he encouraged me to try wines blind and get deeper knowledge. I fell in love with wine and the people behind it. After that there was no way back," he says.

In 2015 he moved back to Bochum to start restaurant FIVE as Chef and Sommelier, and three years later he became Head Sommelier for the entire Livingroom Gastronomy Group, including Livingroom, FIVE, Zum Grünen Gaul and Franz Ferdinand.

"I also work the floor and in the kitchen at FIVE, a small and cosy 5-course restaurant with an open kitchen."

What makes a wine list great, in your opinion?
"For me, a great wine list doesn't have to be thick like a telephone book. It has to show the idea of the restaurant or the sommelier. Small sustainable producers, unknown regions, stuff which is off the beaten track. I am also a big fan of matured vintages. If you read a wine list and you can recognize that the cellar is well curated for years or even decades – that’s it!"

Tibor says that "the wine bar scene in and around Dusseldorf is buzzing right now", with a lot of new, exciting and unconventional venues popping up.

"Especially in the surroundings of the city. Unique concepts and eye-level communication about wine, and no severe education."

Any specific trends when it comes to wine venues in the area right now?
"Organic or biodynamic wines, often with low intervention in the cellar, are trending. Natural wines in general are becoming way more mainstream. Especially the quality of German natural wine is increasing rapidly."

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