Star Wine List turns seven - with a great offer on Pro Search

With Pro Search - you can search for your favorite wines in 2700+ wine lists. Photo Andreas Sundgren.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 16-May-2024

We celebrate our first seven years with a 20 % rebate on our Pro Search - search more than 2,700 wine lists around the world. And your team can get access too!

Sign up to Pro Search here with 20 % off - using the code "seven".

In May 2017, we launched Star Wine List with a simple idea - have wine professionals share their favorite wine restaurants and wine bars. The first selection covered only Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. Fast forward seven years and we cover 41 countries with our guides and our wine list awards are held on four continents.

But today we want to celebrate with our Pro Analytics services.

With more than 2,700 wine lists searchable in top restaurants and wine bars around the world - sommeliers and wine professionals are already drawing insights and finding opportunities using our data.

Pro Search - find the right wine lists

For our friends in the wine industry as a whole, the search tool is valuable:

  • Find your own wines in restaurants world-wide

  • See where the competition is listed - potential addresses for your wines.

  • Thinking about working with a new producer - see how well distributed they are in top wine lists already.

The regular fee for Pro Search is 490€ to search one country and 990€ to search the entire Star Wine List universe of 2700+ wine lists.

Now you have the chance to sign up to the first year with 20 % off - so the first year is only ca 390€ for one country and 790€ for global.

Share with your team

Moreover, the subscription usually is only for one person. Right now we offer you to sign up for a team up to five persons, in the same company. Simply sign up for one person and then contact us to add the others.

This offer is valid until June 7, 2024. Simply sign up here using the code "seven".

Besides Pro Search we offer more services for the trade - for example you can get lists of all restaurants listing the wines from a certain region. Or to see which producers are the most listed in different markets.

For more info and to schedule a meeting - please contact

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You can search for tens of thousands of wines and see where they are listed in restaurants and wine bars.
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