Ripples on the water – how corona is affecting the wine industry

Photo: Maja Petric (Unsplash)

Wine bars and restaurants are closing down, and the corona crisis is also affecting winemakers and wine importers all around the world. Here are some voices about the situation: the effects, the changes – and the way forward.

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Silvia Altare, winemaker at the domain Elio Altare in La Morra, Piedmont:
”The impact on our local, national and worldwide economy will be disastrous.”

Romaric Chavy of the Meursault-based producer Chavy-Chouet:
”I think everything will be good when we are done with it, cause we will all be very thirsty of wine and life.”

Jamie Kutch, winemaker in Sonoma, California:
”I think making sure golf courses and hotels are supported is more of a priority by our president.”

Ida Sundqvist, founder of Swedish wine importer Dryckesbutiken:
”For smaller importers, that don’t have listings at the Swedish monopoly, it will be hard to stay alive.”

Alessandro Veglio, winemaker at Mauro Veglio in Barolo, Piedmont:
”We have always moved on, and we'll do the same this time.”

Chiara Condello, owner and winemaker at the estate Chiara Condello in Emilia-Romagna:
”It is a very critical time for us”

Matteo Lupi, former sommelier who owns fine wine supplier Matteo Lupi Wines, London:
”It's a very bleak time for everyone.”

Lucía Romero, Managing Director at El Porvenir de Cafayate, Argentina:
”Perhaps we will become more focused on what consumers want.”

Published 26-March-2020


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