Alessandro Veglio, Piedmont: ”We have always moved on, and we’ll do the same this time”

Alessandro Veglio.
Andreas Grube
Published 26-March-2020

Alessandro Veglio, winemaker at Mauro Veglio in Piedmont, says that right now, work goes on almost as normal – but at the same time dealing with the restrictions in Italy.

”At the moment, work continues almost as usual but caring about the restrictions. We have five permanent employees, and we can spread them out in our different vineyards, individually or in pairs but always respecting distances and rules. In any case, I think that we’re lucky because we can work outside and also relieve the tension of the moment when doing that.”

How do you think corona will affect the sales? And now that the restaurants are closed, do people buy in stores and drink at home instead?
”At the moment, sales are stopped, because restaurants are closed more or less everywhere. We can only rely on sales from people buying wine online, and maybe we’ve seen a little bit increase in sales online during this period, but not enough to cover the needs. But also I expect that these sales will soon decrease too if this situation continues for a long time because obviously, wine is not the first necessity.”

Alessandro working in the vineyards.

What measures have you taken to secure the business for the future?
”I think that at the moment we’re overthinking, trying to do too many forecasts. Still, in my opinion, it’s too early because we would need to know when we’ll return to normal life and the final damages on the economy.”

What is the general feeling among winemakers in Italy right now? What do your friends and colleagues think about the situation?
”I’m speaking five to ten times per day with colleagues or friends about this matter. All the people are day by day more and more worried about the situation and what will happen in the future.”

”But I would like to end by saying that in any case, we need to stay positive about the future. As I said, the vineyards don’t close, and we’ve been through crises before, even though maybe not like this one. But we have always gone on, and we’ll do the same this time!”


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