Matteo Lupi Wines presents Best Medium-Sized List in the UK 2022

Matteo Lupi Wines joins the celebration of the best wine lists in the UK, co-hosted by Star Wine List and The Buyer, and will present the Best Medium-Sized List, recognissing the best list with 200-600 references. The winners will be revealed on Feb. 21.

"Most of the detailed work in the preparation of running a restaurant goes unnoticed. The service part which is enjoyed by the clients is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a great opportunity to celebrate and reward the hard work that goes behind a great wine list," says founder Matteo Lupi about presenting the Best Medium-Sized List during UK Wine List of the Year 2022.

Matteo Lupi Wines has over 20 years' experience in sourcing fine and rare wines and supplying the fine dining trade in the UK. Today the company supplies some of the best restaurants and hotels in the UK.

Why did you decide to present this particular category?
"My business specialises in mature wines, because of the nature of what I supply, my clients generally are those with more in-depth lists. Restaurateurs who manage smaller wine list have to work very hard to produce a balanced list. However with larger lists there is an extra layer of complexity. When you have hundreds of listings, several wines every week will inevitably become ‘obsolete’, large lists require daily attention. I think it is only fair to recognise the effort that goes into it."

Matteo Lupi.

How important is the UK market for Matteo Lupi Wines?
"The UK market is vital as it is where we are based; we supply overseas clients but the core is here at home. As primarily a restaurants supplier, the past couple of years have been interesting to say the least. Since the end of lockdown last year the business has gone back to pre-covid levels. It’s great to see the trade has bounced back and I feel very positive about 2022."

What is a great wine list, in your opinion?
"Small or large, a great wine list has to have balance, identity and has to make sense within the whole concept of the restaurant. I feel smaller lists have to focus precisely on the food served in the restaurant, whereas larger list are ‘allowed’ a bit more ‘slack’ if you like. My personal preference is towards larger lists that have hidden gems within."

What would you like to see coming through on the medium-sized lists in the UK?
"This is a very difficult question. In a market like the UK which is so well served with wines from around the world, generally speaking medium to large size UK wine lists are very ‘complete’ in terms of offerings and UK wine buyers are also among the first to spot new trends. In recent years we have seen some restaurants pricing the wines more keenly. Everyone has to make the bottom line work but would be great to see that trend expanding a little more."

Published 17-February-2022
News / UK

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Matteo Lupi Wines

Matteo Lupi Wines is a fine wine specialist supplying the UK’s fine dining trade with rare wines. Read more by clicking the logo.


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