Mott 32


Hong Kong SAR, China

About Mott 32

Mott 32 is a Cantonese restaurant located in the basement of Chartered Bank Building in Central of Hong Kong Island. It is managed by a quite sizable F&B group – Maximal Concepts, which created other brands in other cities including Vancouver and Las Vegas. You won’t be disappointed by its impressive interior design, as well as its food and wine. The mouth-watering classic dim-sum and Cantonese dishes are definitely their highlights too. Don’t forget to pre-order their famous Peking Duck before you visit.

Mott 32 Wine List

Mott 32 Updated 20 May 2019

NB this wine list is older than 6 months. Please use the list as an example of what this venue usually offers. To look for a particular wine, please contact the venue directly.

You’ll be able to find Chinese yellow wine and Chinese white wine in their selection. They also have a well-selected sake list. Their Coravin service allows for more fine wine by the glass.


Wine HK$500 (2x bottles max.) Magnum HK$1,000 (1x bottle max.)

Wine team

  • Marie-Paule Herman
    Group Sommelier
  • Rin Mohamad
    Senior Sommelier
  • Ben Mok

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