Goût de Jaune

Wine Bar

Tokyo, Japan

About Goût de Jaune

Serious connoisseurs may be able to guess what this place is all about just by its name: This cosy 13-seats underground wine bar in the Akasaka area dedicates its love and respect to Jura and Jura only. Relatively simple yet authentic Jura cuisine such as coq au vin jaune or carefully selected comté cheese is served here.

When it comes to the wine program, Goût de Jaune easily exceeds all your expectations. Shohei Miura, the owner sommelier, has been collecting unicorns from the wineries in Jura and other passionate wine merchants around Europe. Now their Jura only collection holds thousands of bottles. Regularly, all the way from the 1970s to recently released vin jaune is offered, but if you are lucky, you may even encounter some bottles from the 1950s. Goût de Jaune is, no doubt, a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts.

Great for

  • Hidden gem
  • Jura

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