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In a basement in the Yurakucho area, Apicius, is a true guardian of tradition. There is no need for moody music nor spectacular view of the metropolis. Instead, your experience will be spotlessly perfected with their incredibly sophisticated traditional French cuisine and the extravagant list of classic French wines.

Though their cuisine is strictly based on traditional techniques, domestic produce such as fresh caviar from Miyazaki and asparagus from Hokkaido often add an extra dimension.

Apicius’ famed collection of 30,000 bottles of wine is dominated by French classics. However, only about 700 labels of “ready to go” wines are listed, with surprisingly fair price tags. Do not expect any new names with pop labels or natural funkiness here. Apicius is a priceless venue where you can experience the importance of un-touched tradition to truly understand the value of anything that’s so called modern.

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