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Tokyo, Japan

Izakaya Vin Wine List

About Izakaya Vin

In the heart of the Shibuya district, Izakaya Vin looks somewhat like an ordinary wine bar that you can find in every corner of this neighbourhood. However, once you enter this family-owned three-floor building, you’ll immediately notice that Izakaya Vin is definitely not an ordinary venue. This wine bar is all about contrast: There is a contrast between the casual wine bar itself and Shibuya, one of the busiest areas in Tokyo. There is also a contrast between the simple yet delicious classic bistro-style cuisine and the unbelievable wines you’ll find in this bar.

The counter near the entrance on the first floor is the best choice for a solo dinner or to drop by for a quick glass. The second and third floors are ready for normal weekday dining with friends and some serious extravaganzas.

About the Izakaya Vin Wine List

Izakaya Vin keeps around 3,000 continuously moving bottles and more than 10,000 hidden gems in the wine storage. About 95% of the wine list is French, and the rest digs deep into up and coming South African wines.

Izakaya Vin started to collect fine bottles in 1995, and thanks to that, active inventory is consistently refilled from their precious stocks. The by the glass program at Izakaya Vin is exciting and simply incredible. 14-20 different wines are always offered, and you don’t have to be lucky enough to taste finely matured Grand Cru Burgundy by the glass here. That is just something quite normal for them.

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