Our 7 favourite wine bars in Tokyo 2024

Cosy, fun, and with plenty of great wine to choose from. Check out this guide to some of Tokyo's best wine bars, selected by Melinda Joe and Seju Yang.

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  1. Phone: +81 3-3797-4448

    Address: 4-chōme-2-6 Nishiazabu, Minato City

    For Italian wine aficionados, Vino della Pace is absolutely the “must know” venue. This Italian wine sanctuary in Nishi-azabu area had been directed by the late Kazuo Naito, a legendary Italian wine specialist, since 2000. In the 28 seats wine bar, arrays of classic local Italian cuisines from all 20 regions are served by both a la carte and tasting menu. From nearly 4,000 bottles of both well-matured and the fresh “strictly Italian only” collection, Vino della Pace offers incredible diversity of classic and contemporary pairings. This matches what every Italian winemaker says, “Always dri...

  2. Phone: +81 03-6721-0510

    Address: SEIZAN 外苑 前 1F, 2丁目-5-4 神宮前, 渋谷区

    Walking by no.501 in the Gaienmae district, you might be forgiven for mistaking it, as I had, for a storage closet. Situated on the street level beside Michelin-starred restaurant Florilege, the shop is marked by a small sign that reads, “kakuuchi,” the Japanese word for a hybrid bar and liquor store. Inside, brightly coloured grid-shaped shelves give the impression of being inside a wine-themed game of Tetris. Natural wine is the main event here, and you’ll find an impressive array of bottles from all over the world. Behind a sliding door at the back of the retail space is a tiny boite with 1...

  3. Phone: +81 3-3669-7988

    Address: 1-chōme-18-1 Nihonbashikakigarachō, Chuo City

    This cozy natural wine bar in the quiet Suitengu district is always filled with serious natural wine enthusiasts, wine industry professionals and wine makers from all over the world. La Pioche puts great focus on respecting unparalleled dedication for nature from both wine makers and farmers. The word “organic” is simply not enough to describe what they do, because La Pioche goes far beyond. The owner, sommelier Shinya Hayashi, experienced natural farming in France, so every farmer and producer he works with for La Pioche follow the same, or even greater, care for the sustainable environment....

  4. Phone: +81 3-6909-9561

    Address: TOKEN building, 7-chōme-2-8 Ginza, Chuo City

    La Nuit Blanche is a Tokyo version of a speakeasy-style wine bar, where you can be completely isolated from the bustle of the Ginza area outside. This 18-seats cosy underground wine bar, where you can enjoy high-quality Italian food as well, holds nearly 6,000 bottles of wines, of which 1,800 bottles can be enjoyed at the bar. The wine selection is focused on France. Their selection is an exciting mix of classic, natural, charismatic producers and up-and-coming young guns. Still, sommelier Toshinaga Haba only chooses wine with an unmistakable footprint and a unique terroir expression. You wo...

  5. Phone: +81 3-3496-2467

    Address: 1-5-7 Dōgenzaka, 渋谷区 Shibuya City

    In the heart of the Shibuya district, Izakaya Vin looks somewhat like an ordinary wine bar that you can find in every corner of this neighbourhood. However, once you enter this family-owned three-floor building, you’ll immediately notice that Izakaya Vin is definitely not an ordinary venue. This wine bar is all about contrast: There is a contrast between the casual wine bar itself and Shibuya, one of the busiest areas in Tokyo. There is also a contrast between the simple yet delicious classic bistro-style cuisine and the unbelievable wines you’ll find in this bar. The counter near the entran...

  6. Phone: +81 3-6429-7062

    Address: 2-chōme-14-23 Nishimagome, Ota City

    In front of the family-oriented park in Nishi-magome, Île de Colline melts in a peaceful scenery of a quiet residential area. Île de Colline is a café, so you don’t need to be Alice to enter this wonderland. This 18 seats café offers seasonal a la carte menu in bistro/café style, sourced its produce from some of the finest quality-driven farmers who are all close friends of the owner Kana Yamamoto.

  7. Phone: +81 3-5545-5205

    Address: 関ビルB1階, 2-chōme-19−4 Akasaka, Minato City

    Serious connoisseurs may be able to guess what this place is all about just by its name: This cosy 13-seats underground wine bar in the Akasaka area dedicates its love and respect to Jura and Jura only. Relatively simple yet authentic Jura cuisine such as coq au vin jaune or carefully selected comté cheese is served here. When it comes to the wine program, Goût de Jaune easily exceeds all your expectations. Shohei Miura, the owner sommelier, has been collecting unicorns from the wineries in Jura and other passionate wine merchants around Europe. Now their Jura only collection holds thousands...