Vino della Pace

Restaurant, Wine Bar

Tokyo, Japan

About Vino della Pace

For Italian wine aficionados, Vino della Pace is absolutely the “must know” venue. This Italian wine sanctuary in Nishi-azabu area had been directed by the late Kazuo Naito, a legendary Italian wine specialist, since 2000.

In the 28 seats wine bar, arrays of classic local Italian cuisines from all 20 regions are served by both a la carte and tasting menu. From nearly 4,000 bottles of both well-matured and the fresh “strictly Italian only” collection, Vino della Pace offers incredible diversity of classic and contemporary pairings.

This matches what every Italian winemaker says, “Always drink Italian wines with foods.” So instead of traveling Italy from north to south, just go to Vino della Pace.

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