Farang Helsinki


Helsinki, Finland

White Star Venue

Farang Helsinki has a wine list approved by Star Wine List, and is therefore listed as a White Star.

Farang Helsinki Wine List


+358 10 3229385


Arkadiankatu 6, Helsinki

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  • Since the opening in 2009, restaurant Farang has become a south-east Asian institution in Finland. The food – with lots of spices and herbs – is skilfully paired with often aromatic, off-dry and fruit-forward wine.

    Farang is all about sharing food with friends, and if you choose the wine pairings suggested, you won’t be disappointed. But of course, you can always check out the menu and pick a couple of bottles yourself. The small also serves some excellent cocktails.

    The wine list is not big, but very well curated. The menu focuses on aromatic, off-dry and fruit-forward wines to go with the food, but there’s also a lot of other treats when you want to quench your wine thirst.

    Instead of listing the wines in categories by country, they categorise them by style.

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