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Embla truly embodies the essence of Melbourne wine bars. This small intimate wine bar takes bookings, but most of the time, this is a place kept for walk-ins. This reflects the true spirit of walking by and deciding, on a whim, to drink a good bottle by yourself at the bar and engage with the staff or walk in with your mate for a lunch of thoughtful and satisfying snacks.

Because of the nature of the bar, with its walk-in culture, they don't have a huge wine list but instead a selection of wines by the glass at the back of the food menu. The wines aren't listed like the classic Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay by the glass, but various styles from all over Europe and Australia that will intrigue the drinking mind. And as such, the service is swift, a decision is promptly made and a new discovery is enjoyed.

Of course, they also have a wine list, but there is no rule on how they present the wines. With 150 wines by the bottle, you can pick anything from classic Burgundy to a skinsy number from Friuli. You would think the snacks are second thought for this multi-awarded wine bar, but the food is exceptional. It's a place you can easily linger on without thinking of time.

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  • This list has really evolved over the last 10 years, it's an adult representation of how you can mix fresh new and established voices. I'm digging this, says jury member Jacqueline Turner about Embla winning gold for the Best Short List in Star Wine List Awards Australia 2021.

    Jacqueline Turner
    Jacqueline Turner
  • A really impressive list, diverse both in style and global reach, but they also present it in a way that is very comfortable. Really a job well done!

  • Bigger isn’t always better and Embla’s list perfectly demonstrates this. Super concise but extremely well thought out, with a clear mission of making wine fun and approachable, without compromising on quality. Very well done! says jury member Véronique Rivest about Embla's winning list in Best Short List 2022.

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