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About Cava Vegera

Cava Vegera, in the southern suburbs of Athens, has a long history. It was first established as a wine retail store in 2001 and later on evolved into a hybrid wine bar/retail store. There are two stores, one in Glyfada and one in Voula, the latter being the latest addition. The Head Sommelier of the two stores, Eleftherios Hanialidis, is an Advanced Sommelier by the Court Of Master Sommeliers and has selected wines from all over the world, which you can consume in-store with a small corkage fee. A big plus is their wide selection of dishes and their friendly staff.

About the Cava Vegera Wine List

The wine list is being updated every two months and offers around 40 wines by the glass, and also some beers, cocktails and distillates. Since Cava Vegera is also a wine store, upstairs, you can find almost 1,000 different wine labels that you can drink in-store for a small corkage fee. The selection is breathtaking, and the prices very reasonable, so take your time to explore once you get there.

(Eleftherios Hanialidis, Head Sommelier at Cava Vegera, is also one of Star Wine List's ambassadors in Athens, Editor's note)

Wine Tasting at Cava Vegera

Wine tastings and events are announced through their social media.

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Wine team

  • Konstantinos Niotakis
  • Eleftherios Hanialidis
    Head Sommelier
  • Danny Xatziiwannou
  • George Salvaridis

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