The 5 best wine bars and restaurants in Thessaloniki 2024

Our experienced sommelier ambassadors Eleftherios Hanialidis MS and Aris Sklavenitis have scouted Thessaloniki for the thirsty wine lovers. Here you can find great wine bars and restaurants for different tastes and occasions.

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  1. Phone: 231 091 2292

    Address: Imvrou 24, Thessaloniki

    Palia Athina is an “old-school” tavern in the Toumba area of Thessaloniki. At first glance, it is reminiscent of a traditional restaurant where you will see people enjoying traditional Greek dishes and grilled meats (even premium cuts), but then you notice that the venue doesn’t hold back on expensive wine glasses and handmade decanters. As you can imagine, this is not by accident… The person responsible for this is the owner, Manolis, who is a huge wine lover, always buying new wines to enrich his cellar selection and keep old vintages in stock. Tip: do not hesitate to ask Manolis for his “...

  2. Phone: +30 231 048 2401

    Address: Ethnikis Antistaseos 65, Kalamaria

    Methi is located in Kalamaria, eastern Thessaloniki, and transitioned from a wine retail to a bistro/wine bar back in 2012. The friendly philosophy of the venue is reflected in the mentality of sharing dishes with your friends and you should not miss the opportunity to try the nice selection of high-quality cured meats and cheeses. The wine selection exceeds 500 wine labels, from Greece and abroad, with 14 by-the-glass options that change almost every two months.

  3. Phone: +30 231 042 1699

    Address: Themistokli Sofouli 15, Thessaloniki

    An all-day restaurant that opened its doors in Thessaloniki in February 2020 by brothers Christos and Stathis Papadopoulos. Service starts at 10 AM serving brunch and, from 2 PM onwards, lunch and dinner. The style of the cuisine is modern Greek with a strong Mediterranean influence. Christos Papadopoulos is an experienced sommelier, thus the rich cellar selection with more than 320 wine labels to choose from. Around 20 wines by the glass that change quite often.

  4. Phone: +30 231 053 2800

    Address: Νικ. Μάντζαρου 18 &, Kotta Roulia, Thessaloniki

    The brothers behind Iberico know very well how to create a successful gastronomic project; they own two extremely popular seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki. This beautiful and cosy new addition came to please meat lovers with high standards! Attention to detail, knowledgeable and friendly staff, great menu with no “fancy” terms are only a few characteristics that make this project stand out. The list of Iberico holds around 270 labels, 10 of which are by the glass, focusing on Greek wines and specifically on the wine regions of northern Greece, but with a nice touch of international wines a...

  5. Phone: +30 231 041 4814

    Address: Themistokli Sofouli 92, Kalamaria

    A beautiful and cosy all-day wine restaurant, located in Kalamaria of Thessaloniki, that starts with breakfast service at 10 AM. The owner, Sakis Tassiou, has created a wine list consisting of 250 labels, with an emphasis on indigenous Greek grape varieties, without lacking a nice selection of international wine labels. The staff is friendly and polite, dedicated to creating a nice experience for the customer.