12 great wine bars in Athens 2024

If you look beyond the stunning ancient architecture of Athens, you can also find some great places to drink wine. Check out our guide to some of the best wine bars in the city!

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  1. Phone: +30 21 0324 4244

    Address: Miaouli 2, Athina

    A for Athens is a hotel in the centre of Athens, just across Monastiraki square, famous for its beautiful roof garden with a view of Acropolis and its high-end cocktail bar. Due to the owner’s love for wine, a wine bar was also added with the help and guidance of sommeliers Alexandros Triantafyllou and Elias Grigoropoulos.

  2. Phone: +30 21 1012 5700

    Address: Posidonos 11, Voula

    Cava Vegera, in the southern suburbs of Athens, has a long history. It was first established as a wine retail store in 2001 and later on evolved into a hybrid wine bar/retail store. There are two stores, one in Glyfada and one in Voula, the latter being the latest addition. There is a wide selection of wines from all over the world, which you can consume in-store with a small corkage fee, delicious dishes to accompany them and last but not least friendly and helpful staff.

  3. Phone: +30 21 5510 9975

    Address: Agiou Ioannou 28, Voula

    In the southern part of Attica, in Voula, the two brothers Chris and Marios Tsiknakos decided to open up a combined wine store and wine bar. This was not a random choice since their father had run a wine shop in Kallithea for many years. Faidon's a small and cosy wine bar with a few seats outside and a good selection of wine that can be paired with high-quality cold cuts and cheeses.

  4. Phone: +30 21 0323 9406

    Address: Petraki 30, Athina

    As you walk down Mitropoleos street in the centre of Athens, you can’t help noticing this small but elegant wine bar. Since the opening in 2012, this place has been one of the main wine attractions in Athens, and quite recently they expanded next door, creating even more space for thirsty wine lovers. If you’re looking for a chill and relaxed atmosphere, with people enjoying a glass of wine standing in the pedestrian street, and if you are a fan of natural and low-intervention wines, this is the place to go.

  5. Phone: +30 21 0924 5935

    Address: Falirou 68, Athina

    Located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Koukaki, near the Museum of Acropolis, Materia Prima is one of the most recent additions to the wine bar scene of Athens. Owner Michalis Papatsibas and his staff are always very friendly and eager to guide you through their Greek and international wine selection. Their passion focuses mostly on natural wines, and there is also a wide variety of dishes to accompany your glass of wine in this cosy and intimate venue.

  6. Phone: +30 21 0322 9374

    Address: Voulis 45-47, Athina

    Located only five minutes from Syntagma Square, this place has been an oasis for wine lovers for more than a decade. Oinoscent was founded by Danis Agapitos and his brother Agis, and they have worked together with the two-time winner of Best Sommelier of Greece, Aris Sklavenitis, who nowadays also is a co-owner. This is a place with very positive energy, knowledgeable staff and, of course, a wide variety of wines from all over the world. Quite recently they also decided to expand next door, to be able to add an even bigger selection of carefully crafted dishes to their menu.

  7. Phone: +30 21 5540 8002

    Address: Valtetsiou 21, Athina

    Warehouse is a family of three wine bars (Warehouse, Warehouse CO2 and Warehouse Edge) owned by George Loukas, George Kanopoulos, Vassilis Geogleris and Anastasios Ioannou. The three venues are spread across Athens, with the main and oldest one located in the Exarcheia area. Here you'll find a good selection of both Greek and foreign wines by the glass and by the bottle, high-quality coffee, an all-day food menu, and several other beverages.

  8. Phone: +30 21 3029 6570

    Address: Mitropoleos 66, Athina

    Perfectly located near Monastiraki square – so you can get your fine wine fix after a long day of sight-seeing, Vintage serves 300+ wines by-the-glass, including an excellent selection of stellar claret and Champagne.

  9. Phone: +30 21 0801 7676

    Address: Διομήδους Κυριακού 15, Kifisia

    Linovatis is a lovely wine bistro in the beautiful neighbourhood of Kifissia, a suburb of northern Attica, 12 km from the centre of Athens. The two brothers Alexandros and Christos Apostolopoulos think of their venue as a hangout for wine lovers who want to enjoy a bottle of wine in a relaxed environment. The food menu is what you would expect from a wine bistro and is based on seafood (mainly raw preparations). The wine list is very intriguing, with a lot of “bubbly” choices, without lacking the presence of other styles, of course.

  10. Phone: 21 0380 8412

    Address: Solomou 54, Athina

    Pharaoh is a project located in the centre of Athens, that became the “talk of the town” from day one. Chef Manolis Papoutsakis and his team create a menu that changes almost every day based on the availability of fresh seasonal ingredients. It is also worth mentioning that the kitchen does not use standard electric ovens, nor do they use natural gas; instead they decided to show off the power of wood, with the wood ovens. Here you can also find a Japanese jazz bar equipped with a high-quality stereo on which some of the city’s leading DJs play an eclectic mix of music on vinyl. The wine lis...

  11. Phone: 21 1115 0145

    Address: 91 Ippokratous &, Methonis str, Athina

    Tanini Agapi Mou (actual translation: tannin my love) opened in December 2018 in Exarcheia, one of the most alternative areas of central Athens. The venue is very vibrant and with a strong personality, and once you take a glimpse of the wine list, it becomes clear that the focus is on natural, organic and biodynamic wines. There are 100 by-the-glass options and even more to choose from by the bottle.

  12. Phone: +30 21 0323 0304

    Address: Vissis 6, Athina

    Wine Is Fine is a collaboration between two French guys, Rafael Wallon-Brownstone and Τhomas Brengou, together with Greek Chef Stavros Chrysafidis. It is located in the Monastiraki area of downtown Athens. The food has a French bistro approach and the atmosphere and decor will remind you of Paris. The wine list consists exclusively of natural and low-intervention wines, mainly from France and Greece.