Antoine Lehebel

Brussels Ambassador


Antoine Lehebel was born in Nantes, France. Although the region is famous for Muscadet, he had no links to wine until he moved to London in 2003 and began working in gastronomy. A couple of months later, he worked at the opening of a Michelin star Indian restaurant, where he fell deeply in love with wine. First he helped to tidy up the bottles in the cellar, and then he moved to tasting and serving them. After that, he wanted to know and understand more. After four years in France working in various classical restaurants and polishing up his knowledge, he moved to Belgium 10 years ago and took over the cellar of La Villa Lorraine and, more recently, Bon-Bon. Antoine was the Best Sommelier of Belgium 2014, and has since participated in many other competitions. He is deeply involved with the Belgian association, working to share his passion and knowledge with a new generation of sommeliers.

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