Titulus Pictus

Wine Bar

Brussels, Belgium

About Titulus Pictus

Vivien, Baptiste and the whole team at Titulus have made a great reputation for themselves in Brussels for being one of the finest importers of carefully chosen wines and producers, mainly from France but also with the likes of Jason Ligas in Greece plus a beautiful selection of eaux-de-vie from Laurent Cazottes.

To be honest, this is more of a wine shop but a couple of tables in the background are a clue to the fact that they also serve some food. So I love to go there, share a couple of plates with friends and playing around to test some wine pairings.

Moreover, Vivien is a big fan of Saké and since then has built up the nicest selection you can find in the city. You’ll find every style represented, always of the best quality, and explained with so much passion you can only enjoy them.

The wine list highlights producers working in bio or biodynamic, and all the wines are always chosen because of their pristine quality. In short, I have never been deceived by any wine bought or drunk coming from this shop/wine bar.

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