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This place is about simplicity and high quality, both in the plate and the glass. The décor is less refined, but you feel that the all the love and passion has been put into the fantastic plates and wines that match. The pitch is about working with short supply chain, local craftsmen and producers as much as possible, in short, highlighting the best Belgium has to offer in terms of food. Gregory had some experiences in some of the best gastronomic restaurants in the country, and put his efforts in what matters most: quality in the plate, the glass and the service. This is a true no-nonsense gastronomic experience where you will enjoy great plates and great wines, meticulously chosen. They do not like closing doors to a style of wine, so the list is short, often changing. Even though most of the wines served are organic, biodynamic and/or natural, the bottom line is first and foremost to have a balanced mix between true classics and discoveries, while bearing the food in mind.

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