New Yorkers to name Sweden's best wine lists

2018 winners PM & Vänner

Star Wine List of the Year - the award to select the best wine lists - returns in March for the second edition in Sweden. A jury, including the New Yorkers Arvid Rosengren, Best sommelier of the World, and Pascaline Lepeltier MS, Best sommelier of France, will decide the winners.

"We started Star Wine List to guide wine lovers the great wine bars and wine restaurants out there. With Star Wine List of the Year, we wish to highlight the most outstanding wine lists and the work that goes into building them," says Krister Bengtsson, founder of Star Wine List.

The inaugural Star Wine List of the Year was held last year during the Swedish sommelier championship. This year, both events will again be held together, on 24 March in Stockholm.

Since the last edition, Star Wine List has grown to include several major international cities, such as London and Copenhagen.

"The wine list competition will also be launched in more countries in the future, we have several Star Wine List of the Year events lined up, so sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned," says Krister Bengtsson.

The Star Wine List Jury: - Arvid Rosengren, Best sommelier of the World 2016, Partner, Legacy Records - Pascaline Lepeltier, MS, Best sommelier of France 2018, Partner, Racines - Mischa Billing, sommelier and educator - Krister Bengtsson, founder Star Wine List

Participation All venues that are listed by Star Wine List are entered into the competition automatically and free of charge. Any bar and restaurant in Sweden that is not listed by Star Wine List is welcome to enter the competition, also free of charge, no later than 15 February.

Prizes, criteria, categories The main prize is the Star Wine List of the Year Grand Prix. More categories will be published later. At least five venues are nominated in each category and the prizes are diplomas in the values Gold Star (the winner) and Silver Star (the other nominees). The jury votes on their winners from a quality perspective, followed by quantitative and value-critiera. Each jury member votes according to his or her opinions. The jury's decision cannot be appealed.

Sponsors As it is free of charge for venues to enter Star Wine List of the Year, the competition is financed by sponsors. The sponsors have no say in the choice of finalists or winners. If your company wishes to sponsor a category, please contact us at [email protected].

Wine lists Only wine lists that are updated from January 2019 and forward will be evaluated. Star Wine List reserves the right to confirm the wine lists with the actual stock, either live or through a video call. If such a call is not returned within a reasonable time, Star Wine List reserves the right to cancel the venue from the competition.

Read about last year's winners here

See last year's Star Wine List of the Year - video here.

Published 31-January-2019

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