Marie Pâris: Quebec City is on the rise

Marie Pâris (photo: Thibault Carron)
Andreas Grube
Published 01-March-2021
Interview / Quebec City

High-end restaurants with world-class wine classics, as well as a growing natural wine scene. Quebec is on the rise as a wine city, says journalist Marie Pâris, Star Wine List’s Quebec ambassador and French language editor.

”There are many classic fine-dining restaurants, where you can drink some of the greatest wines in the world and at very reasonable prices. At the same time, the natural wine trend is getting bigger in Quebec City, and it often results in varied wine lists for every taste and wallet-size.”

When asked about the difference, when it comes to wine, between Quebec City and other big Candian cities like Montreal and Toronto, Marie Pâris says that the influence of tourism is very important in Quebec City – one of the oldest towns in the province – but at the same time, the market is smaller than in Toronto and Montreal.

”It’s a more intimate and classical scene here, but Quebec City has managed to create a good wine network.”

Marie Pâris (photo: Thibault Carron)

What are the biggest trends when it comes to wine bars and wine restaurants right now?
”I see a lot of small restaurants opening, with great, but very short and well-curated wine lists, that change continuously and give great value for money.”

Is local wine a big thing in Quebec?
”Yes, people really want to push the terroir forward, so Quebec wines generally have a special place on the wine lists. But at the same time, some restaurants sometimes put local wines on their lists only to have Quebec wines – and not because of their qualities. Fortunately, though, there are a lot of local wines that really honour the terroir.”

Anything you would like to see more of on the Quebec wine scene?
”Maybe there could be more wine bars where you can go to have a drink without having to eat. Places where you just drop by for a quick glass.”

And, anything you want to see less of…?
”I want to see fewer touristic restaurants with wine lists full of industrial wine!”

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