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Berlin, Germany

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About Grill Royal

No matter if it's Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld or many of the top models – all of them have been seen here. The Grill Royal is currently THE celebrity restaurant in Berlin.

With its entrance on the promenade by the Spree, below the Weidendammer Brücke, this comfortably cavernous restaurant is more reminiscent of London or Paris than Berlin. In the beginning, it was full of local celebrities but has now settled into a lively eatery for a well-heeled, colourful crowd. A favourite destination for the art scene in particular, locals and tourists come to enjoy fine steaks from Australia, US and Germany, plus a lot of other meat and fish dishes.

The restaurant is always busy, despite its fairly steep prices, because if you are in it, you are​ one of the ”in-crowd”.

About the Grill Royal Wine List

Grill Royal isn't only a very busy place to eat; it also boasts one of the most impressive wine lists in Germany. Winner of the best Vinum Wine List 2018 award and the German Wine list Award, around 2,000 references can be found on the wine list.

The wine list at the Grill Royal offer everything you could hope for as a wine connoisseur, almost to perfection. Be it the breadth of the range or the depth of the vintage, the clarity, the range of Champagne or large bottles. Many of the famous winemakers turn up at Grill Royal at some point to enjoy a rarity or two. This is​ a must when you are in Berlin.


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  • Big wine list
  • Bottles with age
  • Celebrity spotting
  • Champagne

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