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BasBas was born out of a love for hospitality. Going to BasBas is like going to the home of a good friend who only wants the best for you. The wine list offers adventures whether it’s a juicy wine outside of a famous appellation, or a sought-after classic from one of the wine world’s established producers. Wines by the glass vary constantly and there are many other options available than just those written on the black board. Start with a glass of grower Champagne or pét-nat and let the staff guide you further.

The open kitchen sends out dishes that are super wine-friendly. Make sure you don’t leave without having enjoyed a risotto or pasta! The place fills up quickly but just walking in to see if one of the chairs at the bar are free, or giving them a call to see if there is a space free, is highly recommended. The trip to this side of Helsinki is definitely worth it!

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  • A very well-crafted shortlist exploring vignerons-driven, terroir-expressive wines. Priced very fairly, the choices are diverse enough to enjoy a broad array of styles, some with a little age too. Also, nice design! says jury member Pascaline Lepeltier when Baskeri & Basso won gold in Best Short Wine List 2022.

  • Lovely, well-crafted small list, with a focus on natural, terroir driven wines. There is a clear sense of curation here, everything on the list is there for a reason. And affordable pricing makes the list even more fun to explore! Véronique says when Baskeri & Basso won the Nordic Best Short List 2022.

  • ​Drinkability is the keyword here; BasBas in Helsinki appreciates fresh and easy-drinking natural wines. The food menu is shown on the blackboard and changes often – sometimes daily, or even in the middle of the evening. The portions are on the smaller side, and perfect for sharing if you want to have the whole experience of what the staff in the huge open kitchen can offer. This restaurant is all about feeling good and enjoying yourself while sipping wine and eating well, so remember to bring an open mind when coming here.

    The wine bar isn’t big, but there’s space enough for you to sip a glass while waiting for your table to get ready. And, oh, BasBas is open till 2 am, so if you’re not a night club kind of person, this is the place to stay – also because this is the place where sommeliers tend to end up after work to share bottles and stories.

    The wine list focuses on natural wine, but you can also find producers from the classic wine regions – maybe not from the list, but from the wine cabinet in the middle of the room. Just ask the staff, and they will open it up so you can make your pick.

  • A place where you easily can spend the whole evening, popping bottles and sharing plates of food. A place with a great vibe, where you always can find something exciting to drink.

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