10 Finnish wine favourites outside Helsinki 2022

Helsinki may be the capital of wine in Finland, but don't miss these wine favorites outside the city.

  1. Phone: +358 503222208

    Address: Pikisaarentie 17, Oulu

    When there is an opportunity to open a wine bar in northern Finland, then just make it happen! This wine bar is a place every wine lover just have to visit. This fabulous living-room-like wine bar gives you a cosy, quiet and wine-friendly experience. If you are a big fan of art, there is a gallery to visit next to the bar where you can combine wine and culture at the same time! There is a big list of wines by the glass, both natural and conventional wines, and they also have a great list of sake by the glass. They also serve small bites of food to go with the wines.

  2. Phone: +358 17 5810458

    Address: Satamakatu 4, Kuopio

    This restaurant is located in Northern Savonia, in a historic old beer factory built in 1862. Since 1982 the restaurant Musta Lammas has been serving modern cuisine based on seasonal ingredients, mostly gathered from the local forests. Doing so they take the Finnish gastronomy forward in the Savonia region.

  3. Phone: +358 14 333900

    Address: Yliopistonkatu 23, Jyväskylä

    By the Glass List of the Year Finland 2022

    World class food in the restaurant, wine bar, wine terrace and boutique hotel all combined together make this place one of the hidden gems in Finland. Here you can spend the whole weekend without leaving.

  4. Phone: +358 10 6179760

    Address: Rautatienkatu 20, Tampere

    International Special Jury Prize 2022

    Since the opening in 2008, Restaurant C has been part of taking fine dining closer to the people in Tampere. The cuisine has a base in local ingredients and wild herbs sourced in the local region. Restaurant C was started by chef Iikka Isotalo and one of the most influential female sommeliers in Finland, Christina Suominen. Suominen has brought wine knowledge to consumers and helped many talented sommeliers nationally.

  5. Phone: +358 40 0355477

    Address: Rautatienkatu 14, Tampere

    Ravinteli Bertha (for non-Finnish speakers Ravinteli means restaurant) has combined global and local food culture, serving a single four-course menu.

  6. Phone: +358 10 2792930

    Address: Rautatienkatu 7, Lahti

    Roux opened in 2007 and was a pioneer on the wine scene in eastern Finland, led by one of the owners, Kati Onnela. It is one of the most awarded restaurants outside Helsinki.

  7. Phone: +358 10 2792935

    Address: Rautatienkatu 26, Lahti

    Since the opening in 2016, the second restaurant of Roux has been THE place for wine lovers! Well paired food with great relaxed atmosphere, especially on the beautiful terrace.

  8. Phone: +358 45 78321771

    Address: Kuninkaankartanonkatu 8, Turku

    International By the Glass List 2022

    Vinho won gold in the categori By The Glass and silver for Short Wine List in Star Wine of the Year Finland 2021.

  9. Phone: +358 44 7230200

    Address: Kaskenkatu 6a, Turku

    German Wine List of the Year Finland, presented by Wines of Germany 2021

    Kaskis won silver in the category German Wine List in Star Wine of the Year Finland 2021.

  10. Phone: +358 50 5876263

    Address: Aurakatu 1, Turku

    By the Glass List of the Year Finland 2021

    The Tasting Room Turku won silver in the category By The Glass in Star Wine of the Year Finland 2021.