Amma Don

Casual Dining Restaurant

Reykjavik, Iceland

Amma Don Wine List

About Amma Don

Reykjavík‘s first (and only) speak-easy, Amma Don has since its opening in 2022 become one of our best unkept secrets. Nestled together with the 17-seated Michelin-starred restaurant ÓX, Amma Don was originally conceived as an artisanal cocktail bar which right from the start took her place as one of the reigning queens of cocktails in the country. The décor and design are meticulously curated to reflect Amma Don’s name: “Amma”, the Icelandic word for grandmother and “Don” the Spanish honorific, are compounded in an ode to a grandmother’s undisputed authority and savoir-fair.

Vintage furniture, white marble tables and crystal vases are combined with soft oranges and browns to create a sense of opulence and class lost to the 60s. One can’t help but have just one more glass to savour the mood, not to mention the quality of the drinks.

The wine list leans towards European winemakers, gathering well-known classics and new respected favourites alike. Together they make for an evening with some marvellous sipping companions. Amma Don is an absolute must when exploring the Reykjavík wine scene and the experience keeps rewarding you in memory. Find the plain white door, give the bell a ring, state your name and slip right in.

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