8 cool wine bars in Reykjavik 2022

Natural wine or Old World classics? In the Icelandic capital Reykjavik you can find both! Here is the guide to the best wine bars in the city, selected by Star Wine List's ambassador César Garduño.

  1. Phone: +354 537 2788

    Address: Pósthússtræti 2, Reykjavík

    With a casual vibe, yet classy and elegant in every detail, this newcomer offers a list curated in a great balance when it comes to countries, renowned labels and the more funky selection. The kitchen is evolving every day, and a local favourite is the sea snails.

  2. Phone: +354 511 6677

    Address: Týsgata 9 101, Reykjavík

    There is not a strict selection of wines by the glass at Bodega: you can either open a bottle to share or just have a glass. The wine list holds a blend of natural and conventional wines from all over with a few South American options.

  3. Phone: +354 519 7755

    Address: Laugavegur 107, Reykjavík

    There are no more than 12 seats here, and you will always find some Champagne and Cava by the glass. The rest of the wine list focuses on France and Italy. The list is short but well-curated, and you will always find Old World wines that will match what you are looking for.

  4. Address: Hverfisgata 18, Reykjavík

    This place takes you from a nice coffee and bar menu to a glass of wine from the weekly selection. Focused on wines from producers and regions they import directly, like Spain and France. If you are lucky to find Dori and Ben behind the bar, you will not leave the place without tasting every wine by the glass.

  5. Phone: +354 454 0200

    Address: Hverfisgata 6, Reykjavík

    The first thing to notice here is the wall that looks like lava and igneous rocks, although the name makes sense once you realize there is no description of the place. On the other hand, the restaurant has a great Burgundy list, full of well-known producers and top vintages.

  6. Phone: +354 832 2929

    Address: Veghúsarstígur 9, Reykjavík

    Not an easy place to find if it´s your first time in the city. However, if you can follow the signs, you will come to this venue that feels like your living room, with soft lights and music. The wine selection mainly focuses on the Old World and labels from South America, where both are part of the weekly by-the-glass selection.

  7. Phone: +354 519 6515

    Address: Laugavegur 107, Reykjavík

    The old bus station in Reykjavík is now a food court, and here you can find Skál. Here you will find natural wine they import themselves, with a nice selection of skin contact wines from Europe, pet nats and young, juicy reds. Do not walk away without a sip of Brennivín, the local spirit.

  8. Phone: +354 888 2380

    Address: Laugavegur 27, Reykjavík

    The feeling here is like being in your friend's basement, cosy and homely. The difference is the wine list, with a lot of interesting options, well balanced and with a focus on natural wine. There will always be a sommelier to help you with your choice; exchange a few words about what you usually like to drink, and they will know what to pour.