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Downtown in Reykjavík’s city centre, Uppi, which translates directly to “up stairs” is a most welcome extension to the renowned restaurant Fiskmarkaðurinn. Literally, on the upper floor of the restaurant, this wine bar/lounge/restaurant has gained quite the following, and a well-deserved one at that. The menu is designed to offer light courses and sushi, though larger main courses are available as well. The secluded booths and nooks create a comfortable sense of privacy in what is usually an extremely busy venue. The team provides cordial and professional service enhanced by a sound understanding of their products. Uppi manages to keep a well-balanced and diverse wine portfolio with eclectic wines by producers represented from all over the world. Several coveted vintages may also be spotted between the pages. The wines by the glass are well thought through and satisfy both sipping and food pairing needs. In the unlikely event of not finding anything exciting, remember to ask them what they have off the menu.

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  • SBS
    Styrmir Bjarki Smárason

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