The wine guide to 9 wine restaurants in Reykjavik 2024

In the Icelandic capital Reykjavik you can find a wide array of wine restaurants, from smaller bistro-style venues to fine dining. Check out this guide to the best wine restaurants in Reykjavik.

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  1. Address: Laugavegur 55, 101, Reykjavík

    Best Short List of the Year International Open 2024

    Reykjavík‘s first (and only) speak-easy, Amma Don has since its opening in 2022 become one of our best unkept secrets. Nestled together with the 17-seated Michelin-starred restaurant ÓX, Amma Don was originally conceived as an artisanal cocktail bar which right from the start took her place as one of the reigning queens of cocktails in the country. The décor and design are meticulously curated to reflect Amma Don’s name: “Amma”, the Icelandic word for grandmother and “Don” the Spanish honorific, are compounded in an ode to a grandmother’s undisputed authority and savoir-fair. Vintage furnitu...

  2. Phone: +354 513 3120

    Address: Thorvaldsensstræti 2, Reykjavík

    Located on the ground floor of the Iceland Parliament Hotel right in Reykjavík’s city centre, Hjá Jóni is one of those restaurants tasked with not only catering to the hotel’s inhabitants but also the elevated expectations of locals looking for an evening of fine dining downtown. While the restaurant itself is generally booked for lunch and dinner service, the hotel’s Telebar, located on the same floor shares the wine list and is becoming a more popular spot to drop in for an aperitif or nightcap. The varied yet accessible list offers guests an eclectic range of well-known wines which makes...

  3. Phone: +354 790 8882

    Address: Laugavegur 55, Reykjavík

    Located on Reykjavík’s main shopping street within the Hotel VON, Bon Restaurant is perhaps one of the cutest examples of a “hotel restaurant” in the area. Given its location and casual yet smart vibe, Bon is one of those places that immediately comes to mind when you’re shopping downtown and in need of a hard-earned glass and perhaps a quick bite. Emphasizing all things French in the kitchen, the wines are no exception with a concise listing which is easily navigated.

  4. Phone: +354 537 2788

    Address: Pósthússtræti 2, Reykjavík

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year, presented by Nyetimber 2022

    With a casual vibe, yet classy and elegant in every detail, this place offers a list curated in a great balance when it comes to countries, renowned labels and the more funky selection. The kitchen is evolving every day, and a local favourite is the sea snails.

  5. Phone: +354 552 1522

    Address: Laugavegur 59, Reykjavík

    Sustainable Wine List of the Year Nordic 2022

    Here, at the only Michelin star restaurant in Iceland, chef Gunnar Karl works seasonally with local ingredients and traditional flavours. Decorations like dried plants that the team has foraged and wooden walls make you feel at home. The pairing menu changes frequently, and most of the wine list focuses on natural wine from European regions. (César Garduño, the former sommelier at Dill, was also Star Wine List's ambassador in Iceland, Editor's note.)

  6. Phone: +354 419 1777

    Address: Laugavegur 77, Reykjavík

    Lovers of reading huge wine lists, this is your spot. The selection is focused on Old World wines and special vintages, with a nice selection of different bottle sizes and a cellar inside an old bank vault with around 4,000 bottles. The cosy ambience takes you to a 1950´s European brasserie, a space where you can enjoy some Italian dishes.

  7. Phone: +354 519 7755

    Address: Laugavegur 107, Reykjavík

    There are no more than 12 seats here, and you will always find some Champagne and Cava by the glass. The rest of the wine list focuses on France and Italy. The list is short but well-curated, and you will always find Old World wines that will match what you are looking for.

  8. Phone: +354 519 5350

    Address: Klapparstígur 28, Reykjavík

    This Nikkei restaurant in Iceland has a 20's interior that's elegant and fun, with a few monkeys hidden in the ceiling that will undoubtedly attract you. It offers both a by-the-glass list where labels are rotated monthly or weekly, as well as the bottle list.

  9. Phone: +354 519 6515

    Address: Laugavegur 107, Reykjavík

    The old bus station in Reykjavík is now a food court, and here you can find Skál. Here you will find natural wine they import themselves, with a nice selection of skin contact wines from Europe, pet nats and young, juicy reds. Do not walk away without a sip of Brennivín, the local spirit.