Tibor Werzl

Dusseldorf Ambassador


Born 1986 in Dortmund. 2010 I finished my training to become a chef. After working in Bochum I worked as a Sous Chef in Essen for 3 years. 2015 I passed my Sommelier exam in Hamburg. In the same year i moved back to Bochum to start FIVE restaurant as Chef and Sommelier, the year after I became Head Sommelier of the whole Livingroom gastronomy group including Livingroom, FIVE, Zum Grünen Gaul (our Wine Bar) and Franz Ferdinand. In 2022 we started a winefare for sustainable working growers called MessWine. It takes place in a beautiful old church in Bochum. I live in Bochum with my wife, traveling a lot, constantly building a tasting network, huge passion for food, cigars and of course wine...

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