Star Wine List is now live in New York

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Star Wine List, the guide to great wine bars and wine restaurants, is now live in New York City. Arvid Rosengren, the world's best sommelier, has created the Star Wine List guide to his favorite wine addresses in the city that never sleeps.

"The scene here is wonderful. There is something for everyone and even after years here I'm discovering new things or hearing rumors about this or that place that has a great list. Being so remote from the world of wine (not counting the vineyards on Long Island), it's really incredible how close it feels - there are winemakers visiting daily. The guests and customers are on a different level too and there are a lot of open-minded, knowledgeable people who love drinking great wine," says Arvid Rosengren who is a partner and wine director at Legacy Records in Manhattan.

Arvid Rosengren is also a partner at Star Wine List, which was founded in Stockholm in 2017.

"After having launched in major European cities like Copenhagen and London this fall, we are thrilled to get started in New York City and to get the inside tips from Arvid Rosengren," says Krister Bengtsson, founder of Star Wine List.

Like in other cities, Star Wine List guides to a personal selection of top wine places, ranging from natural wine bars to fine dining palaces. The common criteria is: Which are the wine places we would bring a visiting wine friend to?

Besides leading the way to top wine bars and wine restaurants, Star Wine List also shows the wine lists of most of the venues, and lets users search for their favorite wines to see where they are listed. For example, see where you can find the champagne Dhondt-Grellet in the Big Apple, click here.

We also feature wine personalities in the cities we guide to, and our first interview in the big apple is with the award-winning sommelier at Racines, Pascaline Lepeltier.

Follow the links below to Arvid's guide and to the interview with Pascaline Lepeltier. And let us know what you think, we welcome your feedback, to!

For an overview of the venues or if you're walking the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, choose Map in the menu above.

By Krister Bengtsson, founder Star Wine List

Published 12-December-2018

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