Monty's of Kathmandu won Best Austrian Wine List in Ireland

Michael Zimmerman (Austrian Wine), Shiva Gautam (owner of Monty's of Kathmandu), jury member Julie Dupouy-Young and Star Wine List's Krister Bengtsson.
Andreas Grube
Published 09-October-2023
News / Ireland

When Star Wine List celebrated the best wine lists on Ireland and the teams behind them for the first time on October 9, Monty's of Kathmandu in Dublin won the category Best Austrian Wine List. The category was presented by Austrian Wine.

”A fabulous selection in both white and red wines, featuring various regions and varieties, with some exciting older vintages at very attractive prices. A super Austrian list!” says jury member Julie Dupouy-Young about the winning list.

Shiva Gautam, owner of Monty's of Kathmandu says:

"Thank you to the jury. Things like this don't come easy, it's a long investment, you work hard at it and we're so privileged to be recognised. Thank you."

How come a Nepalese restaurant has such a diverse wine program?

"I'll tell you how it started. When I opened in 1997, people said ethnic restaurants can't do wine lists. I said, I'm going to prove you wrong so that's how it started."

Ireland was our third stop on our 2023-2024 International tour, and this was the very first time we are running it in Ireland. The event was held on October 9 in Waterford during the Sommit Ireland.

The Silver Star winners in the Austrian category were:
64 Wine, Glasthule
Ely Wine Bar, Dublin


For the first ever Star Wine List of the Year Ireland, we gathered an all-female top sommelier jury: Pascaline Lepeltier, Veronique Rivest, Julie Dupouy-Young and Heidi Mäkinen. All four of the well-merited jury members have been part of several Star Wine List of the Year events throughout the years but now judge together in this constellation for the first time.

"Of course, we are proud and happy to have these top professionals on the jury panel for the first ever Star Wine List of the Year Ireland," says Krister Bengtsson, Star Wine List's founder and publisher.

Star Wine List judges the wine lists in several categories such as the Best Sparkling Wine List and Best By the Glass List. These categories are the same across all of the awards. In addition, local categories may be added. We have commercial partners for certain categories, such as the Best Sparkling Wine List, presented by Nyetimber. The commercial partners are, however, never involved in the selections of finalists or winners — that is completely up to our independent jury panel.

The criteria for the jury are straightforward but not simple: Vote for the most exciting wine list representing the category.

Monty's of Kathmandu will now qualify for our International Final in June 2024, where they will face off with the category winners from other countries and continents.

Read about the terms and how Star Wine List judges the wine lists here.

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Austrian Wine

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board is based in Vienna, and is a national service body for the Austrian wine industry. The aim is to strategically support, coordinate and maintain quality and sales.


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