La Colline brings wine to Götgatan

When La Colline opens on September 1st, there will be wine. Lots of wine. We met busy sommelier Anna Mellfors for a quick chat.

4500 bottles of 470 different wines are being loaded into the wine fridges at La Colline that opens on Götgatan in Stockholm. It’s the owner and team from Tranan that is opening the brasserie that will have French-inspired menues on black boards and will be open all day, seven days a week.

Anna Mellfors is well known both as sommelier from Tranan but also as proponent for more natural wines. She is bringing some wine from Tranan’s massive list to the new address but most of it is bought new.

“The main part will be Loire, both red and white. But we will also have Jura, new Spain and the “new” New World. All will be artisanal wines from small producers, family owned farms,” Mellfors says.

So you will have quite a bit of new world wines?
“Yes, mostly Australia but we will have South Africa too, Testalonga is an old favourite. I hope to be able to build on that in the future. I have made it difficult for myself with Loire and Jura where the last harvests have been not very big.”

Has it been like Christmas to buy so much wine at once for a new cellar?
“Yes, we started in January as we took over the lease then, so I have had time. I will have plenty of Australian wines like Lucy Margaux that others are already out of and we haven’t even started so that’s fun. It’s only hard to keep track of all that we have ordered!”

La Colline has now opened. Check out the wine list here.

Published 24-August-2017
News / Sweden

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