David Svensson leaves Leijontornet – opens wine bar in a Stockholm suburb

Andreas Grube
Published 21-May-2022
Interview / Sweden

After eleven years at Djuret and Kvarteret Leijontornet, sommelier David Svensson moves on to new adventures. This summer, he will open Sundbybergs Vinbar right next to a supermarket in Sundbyberg outside of Stockholm.

"The bar is connected to the store, so you are welcome regardless of whether you just want to stop by for a glass of wine or combine business with pleasure when doing your weekly shopping! We want to create a comfortable environment where you want to sit for a long time and treat yourself to another bottle and some more cheese," says David Svensson about the new bar.

Kvarteret Leijontornet in the Old Town in Stockholm is a unique gastronomic place: a whole block containing the hotel Victory, cocktail bar Tweed, restaurant Djuret (The Animal), wine bar The Burgundy – and more, like Vingården, only open during summertime. The block has one of the most extensive wine collections in Sweden, and restaurant Djuret has won several awards in Star Wine List of the Year Sweden, for example, Grand Prix 2020 and Italian Wine List of the Year Sweden 2019 and 2020.

When David Svensson started working at Kvarteret Leijontornet and Djuret eleven years ago, there were only Djuret, Pubologi and, during summer, Svinet in the block. Over the years, he has seen the house gradually grow to what it is today – a journey he describes as fun and inspiring.

"It has been very fun and educational. It is a house in constant change that never sleeps but continuously evolves. It is a house where it's never boring; there is always something new, fun and exciting on the gastronomic horizon."

The lessons he has learned during the years are many, he says. One of the most important things he takes with him is not to try and make a restaurant for other people but to create what you like and appreciate yourself.

"I think it shows if you're doing something you like and have a passion for."

The target group is everyone who appreciates good wine and yummy food

Now David has done his last service at Djuret and looks forward to a new adventure – in Sundbyberg outside of Stockholm, where he is opening Sundbybergs Vinbar.

When are you opening?
"Well, that is the big question… When God and the government want! No, just kidding. We hope to be able to open the doors in early June."

Tell us about the new place, what is Sundbybergs Vinbar?
"We are a wine bar located adjacent to ICA Supermarket in Sundbyberg. We have our own entrance and a separate room where the keywords for the feeling are cosy and lovely. The target group is EVERYONE who appreciates good wine and yummy food in a nice environment."

Tell us about the wine list; what is the philosophy?
"Wine, wine and more wine! There will be wine in most categories and price points, from house wine to Conterno Monfortino. We love all great and well-made wines but probably have a penchant for the more classic regions and wines, especially Italy and France, but will have wine from basically everywhere."

What kind of food will you serve?
"In terms of food, there is a great emphasis on products and ingredients from the supermarket's deli, with lots of cheeses, charcuterie, oysters, roe, caviar, seafood, smaller snacks and tasty shrimp sandwiches (who doesn't love shrimp sandwich & Riesling!). There will also be some cooked dishes from the kitchen. Right now, we are trying out a Tarte Flambée, for example."

Anything you want to add?
"Let's make Sundbyberg great again!"

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