Little Rascal

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Edinburgh, UK

Campbell Donaldson (@raliamedia)

About Little Rascal

On the busy St John's Road to the west of the city, an unexpectedly elegant wooden facade appears with bottles in the window. Little Rascal attracts both locals and tourists (it’s conveniently on the way to the airport) who flock to its laid-back atmosphere. Natural wine dominates the short and ever- evolving list, while there’s often something new and open to try, with staff happily on hand to tell the stories behind the wine and the regions.

The bar is run by Rory Sutherland, who co-founded Good Brothers in Stockbridge in 2016, now housed in new premises in the New Town. The interior is modern but cosy, and the wine is undoubtedly at the centre. Top quality cheese and snacks are served, sourced from the respected Mellis Cheesemongers. Sutherland's concept for Little Rascal was that it should be simple and inclusive, something he has ably achieved having created somewhere one feels immediately warm and welcome.

Lena Särnholm
By Lena Särnholm

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