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Any experience at La Grande Georgette should begin with a glass of champagne on the terrace. With an uninterrupted view of Reims’ majestic Cathedral, it will add context and magic to every glass of champagne you sip. Speaking of which, champagnes on pour change monthly and are always offered from a larger format, usually jeroboam. La Grande Georgette is the official restaurant of La Chaserne Chanzy Hotel & Spa, the only luxury hotel in the centre of Reims. It has a modern bistro-esque menu to match its sharp, modern interior, and a refined air.

The wine program takes its lead from Champagne where they try to be as representative as possible. There are 12 pages dedicated to local wines and another 12 to others from across France, notably white Burgundy. Impressively, a number of prestige and rare wines are offered, by the glass, under Coravin. The restaurant’s deep reach into the cellars of France’s finest producers means that guests can access some of the most complete oenothèques available in the region, some going back to the 1970s.

When it comes to Champagne, the restaurant is open to developing relationships with producers to offer ‘discovery’ opportunities for guests. To this end, there are some exclusive champagnes on offer by local growers that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. To keep you coming back for more, each month the restaurant has a food pairing experience with a new Maison, featuring its very best wines. The menu changes seasonally, and is always light and fresh, playing with textures rather than weight.

La Grande Georgette is a new feather in the cap of Reims and is absolutely necessary for anyone’s food and wine agenda when staying in Champagne.

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