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Langenlebarn, Austria

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Is it an inn, or is it a restaurant? Chef Josef Floh says it is an inn (in Austria they call it Wirtshaus). But this one is a very special kind of Wirtshaus. Josef Floh offers traditional Austrian cuisine, but he is very inventive when it comes to working with vegetables and other local ingredients like sweetwater fish or game.

Patron and head chef Josef Floh is a proven expert in both Austrian and international wines. In his Wirtshaus there are four wine lists dedicated to different wine styles and grape varieties, for example, a separate list for Grüner Veltliner. There is hardly one of the new, biodynamically working winegrowers in Austria and Europe whose wines cannot be found here. Let yourself be surprised by the sommelier.

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  • This beautiful, traditional, classic but also modern restaurant in Langenlebarn close to Vienna, is a perfect choice for Austrian cuisine in combination with a great and deep (handwritten) winelist. You can drink everything from Austrian Wachau to the best Burgundy's for a fair price.

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