Colette - De Vijvers

Fine Dining Restaurant

Averbode, Belgium

About Colette - De Vijvers

The name Colette refers to chef Thijs Vervloet's grandmother, to whom he owes his culinary skills. De Vijvers is the name of the beautiful estate where the restaurant is located. The chef loves classic French cuisine and brings it to the plate in a modern way. Pure and high-quality products will always play the leading role for him. Thijs Vervloet likes to eat what he feels like and he gives his guests that opportunity too.

Restaurant Colette, awarded with two Michelin stars, serves a real à la carte cuisine. The Poularde de Bresse comes in different preparations, where all parts of the chicken are used. You notice that wine plays a very important role here when a chariot with five different champagnes comes rolling to the table.

There is also a large wine list with of course the classics from France but also discoveries from all over the world and a very interesting selection of wines by the glass.

(Editor's note: The wine director at Colette - De Vijvers, Tom Ieven, is also Star Wine List's ambassador for Antwerp/Flaanders)

Great for

  • By the glass
  • French

Colette - De Vijvers awards

  • 2 Michelin Stars 2 Michelin Stars

Wine team

  • Ti
    Tom ieven
    Wine Director
  • JK
    Jessica Klook

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