Manuel Negrete's 35 favourite wine bars and restaurants in Mexico 2024

High-end restaurants with huge wine lists or hidden wine bar gems, Mexican wine or classic old world regions – in Mexico you can find it all. Here, Star Wine List's ambassador Manuel Negrete has selected his favourite spots in the country.

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  1. Address: Calle Atlixco 132, Hipódromo Condesa, Ciudad de México

    In a corner of the Condesa neighborhood you’ll find NIV, a wine bar that offers labels from small producers, family projects and proposals concerned with the expression of terroir and an internationally inspired gastronomic menu based on seasonal ingredients. The surprises continue in the backroom where you can find candles, vinyl music and mezcal, to continue your evening in a fun atmosphere. The mastermind behind this project is Tanguy, who has been able to compose a great team around him, with wine proposals that in most cases have been chosen by himself to bring to Mexico. The proposal c...

  2. Phone: +52 414 107 2711

    Address: Calle Morelos Norte 5a, Centro de Tequisquiapan, Tequisquiapan

    In the dictionary of the Hñähñu language, the word Binu refers to all alcoholic beverages brought by the Spanish into Mexico, including wine. Following this same rule, Binu is for us a place where they will pay homage to the wines of the world, always seeking to take your senses to the next level. They have a very good selection of mainly Mexican, Italian, and French wines, but they also occasionally have some labels from Germany, Hungary and Austria, with some splashes of the New World like Argentina, Uruguay or New Zealand. The service is very friendly, and always very attentive, it is wor...

  3. Phone: +52 800 649 0897

    Address: Carretera Cancún - Tulum Km. 55.3, Playa del Carmen

    Fuentes is an example of culinary theatre at its best. The chef and sommelier guide the guests through a tasting menu of the highest level, with dishes prepared on the spot in front of the audience. Meanwhile, the drinks selection is designed to create the perfect pairing with the gastronomic offer. Depending on the day, the menu can have one of three themes: fire, rock and Caribbean. In addition to the fixed pairing for the tasting menu, there is a selection of over 200 labels on offer, with options from all over the world. Mexico and the United States dominate the list, but the selection of...

  4. Phone: + 52 1 (998) 872 8036

    Address: Solidaridad, 77740 Dorado Royale, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    This is the hotel's flagship restaurant where the wine selection is excellent, the staff are very well trained, and one of its most intriguing policies is that every bottle of red wine more than 10 years old is disgorged with port tongs, which makes for an eye-catching and curious display. Head sommelier Edgar Portilla Sánchez oversees the team of sommeliers, including Fabiola, who can tell you all about the wine you are interested in, or give you expert recommendations from the list.

  5. Phone: +52 81 9688 7333

    Address: Río Amazonas 225, Del Valle, Monterrey

    The Rivera Río family who own and run Koli are like the Roca brothers - but from Monterrey. They run one of the most interesting projects in Mexico, so if you have the opportunity, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to sample the full tasting menu which offers an amazing experience, complete with great flavours and a selection of paired wines. And you can rest assured that all the little details such as the glassware and the temperature are well taken care of at Koli, with the wine selection ranging from well respected Mexican producers to a variety of labels from around the world, whi...

  6. Phone: +52 55 4170 7666

    Address: San Antonio Chablé, Chocholá

    Ixi’Im is located inside one of Mexico’s leading hotels, where the food and wine are top notch. Recently reinvented by food and beverage manager Gabriel Reynoso, the wine offer is comprehensive and exciting, while the staff are perfectly trained to provide an international class service, with decent glassware, temperature control and presentation of the labels all present and correct. You will find a very wide variety of labels and countries of origin on the wine list, including Mexico, Spain, the United States, Austria, Hungary, and New Zealand - they will probably have something to surp...

  7. Phone: +52 55 1857 6565

    Address: Monte Everest 635, Lomas de Chapultepec, Ciudad de México

    In Zeru the cuisine is delicious, and comes with a Basque approach, while the wines are carefully curated by Andrés Amor, one of the most renowned sommeliers in Mexico, to complement the dishes. Labels include options from different parts of Spain, as well as offerings from Mexico, the USA and other countries. There is also a good selection by the glass that is constantly changing. Sommelier Arisbeth's warmth and keen eye for selecting the best of the menu and creating delicious pairings are an essential part of the experience.

  8. Phone: +52 56 2598 1020

    Address: Calle General Juan Cano 42-local b, San Miguel Chapultepec I Sección, Ciudad de México

    Alexandre, of French origin, is a great wine connoisseur, and for many years has been dedicated to the import and distribution of wines in Mexico. And now, his vision is reflected in Brutal, his first project where you can taste a wide selection of his carefully curated collection. The offer ranges from natural wine to French bottles of rare and hard to find appellations, including Mexican varietals with choices from Spain, Austria, South Africa and Germany. The service is warm and the pairing is simple but delicious, undoubtedly the best option in this quadrant of the CDMX. Look out for Alex...

  9. Phone: +52 55 6454 5730

    Address: Sinaloa 74, Ciudad de México

    In their own words, “They don't pour anything they wouldn't like to drink”. They mainly seek to offer honest, high quality products from all corners of Spain, although they also include a couple of good Germans, French and Mexicans. Their selection is a way of being in the world, a belief based on the fact that the figure of the winegrower has to be present. They are always moving away from starry figures and looking for the essence of these "rescuers" of the wine of yesteryear, the one of all life, the one we keep in our memories since childhood, without artifices or gimmicks. The glasswar...

  10. Phone: +52 1 (612) 123 6089

    Address: Carretera a pichilingue km 7 5 s/n, Lomas de Palmira, La Paz

    Located in a very peaceful resort where the restaurant is open to the public, Cardón is one of the main revelations of Baja California Sur. The menu is varied and full of flavours, and the wine selection is top of the line. Certainly, they are very focued on attending to their main market of Americans and Canadians, who love to spend weeks at this high-end resort that offers such an amazing view at sunset. The wines lean towards Mexico and the US selection, though it also has a great selection from New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and of course, Italy, France and Spain. The wine menu has got e...

  11. Phone: +52 1 624 689 0160

    Address: Polígono 1. Fracción D. Fraccionamiento Diamante, Los Cangrejos, Cabo San Lucas

    Nobu Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas opened in April 2019. The restaurant offers Nobu's famous signature Japanese cuisine with South American influences, including classic dishes such as Yellowtail Jalapeño Sashimi and Black Cod Miso. The location facing the Pacific Ocean allows you to enjoy an evening in nature and a spectacular sunset. Their dynamic wine list is constantly growing and contains over 400 labels and 39 wines by the glass, emphasising Mexican, Old World and American wines. They also have an exclusive selection of Japanese sakes. The idea of the wine list is to select the best exp...

  12. Phone: +52 1 624 172 9000

    Address: Boulevard Mar de Cortez S/N, San José del Cabo

    Humo in San José del Cabo is a Latin American grill in which regional ingredients are used to highlight the local culture. Humo consists of four areas: the terrace with a spectacular view of the sea, the private rooms for intimate gatherings, the table next to the main grill and the basement with is its beautiful wine cellar. Gabriel Reynoso manages the beverage program, and the wine list contains more than 400 labels from around the world, mainly focusing on Mexico, the United States, France and Italy. The selection of distilled spirits focuses entirely on Mexican spirits, with a selection o...

  13. Phone: +52 322 221 1460

    Address: Aquiles Serdán 445, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta

    One of the most innovative restaurants that’s creating a new trend in the Puerto Vallarta area, Tintoque has one of the most interesting wine selections in the Mexican Pacific. With close to 300 references from different parts of the world, its menu focuses mainly on classic and renowned producers, easily recognizable to the hundreds of foreign visitors they receive monthly. The selection includes everything from the most traditional wines to groundbreaking natural wines, interesting oranges, and a good selection of wines by the glass, which allows you to try many different options in a sing...

  14. Phone: +52 1 (331) 429 9995

    Address: Avenida Alemania 1779, Moderna, Guadalajara

    Rayuela in Guadalajara is a wine bar focused on small producers and Mediterranean cuisine. They love the old world and minimal intervention wines, and the place itself is reminiscent of the classic buildings of Guadalajara, colonial and very traditional, but with a relaxed attitude. The wine list offers more than 150 different labels, mainly old world, organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

  15. Phone: +52 1 (332) 306 1057

    Address: 44610, Mar Báltico 2240, Country Club, Guadalajara

    Shelter was literally born as a "refuge" for wine lovers in Guadalajara. They sought to create a place with good food and a living wine cellar that could be updated regularly, new findings and wines from environmentally conscious producers or classics that can be difficult to find in Guadalajara. It is a relaxed place in terms of service and ambience, with a carefully curated wine list and a short but well-thought-through menu of dishes to accompany it. The menu seeks to take diners to places they have not visited. Whether from classic must-visit regions, producers with innovative techniques...

  16. Phone: +52 1 (331) 514 5873

    Address: Boulevard Puerta de Hierro 5278-4, Puerta de Hierro, Zapopan

    This is a little wine bar/store at the Andares mall, which is one of the nicest in Mexico, as well as being one of the most exclusive parts of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. To give you some idea, they are very near a Ferrari dealer, so you can imagine how posh the area is. But don’t get me wrong―that’s one of the assets of La Mantequeria. They have very fair prices, and offer a warm, friendly kind of service, with good glassware and different labels from Mexico, as well as other parts of the world. It’s the perfect place for a glass of wine and a little bite, and then you can keep sh...

  17. Phone: + 52 1 (811) 359 9358

    Address: Metropolitan Center, Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas No. 2400-Interior A2, Valle Oriente, San Pedro Garza García

    The Wine Bar by Grand Cru is a space dedicated to wine, mixology, and gastronomy in the Metropolitan Center, located in the most exclusive area of Monterrey. The wine program is run by sommelier Ludovic Anacleto and focuses mainly on Mexico, France, Italy, and some wine from other parts of the world. The Wine Bar by Grand Cru has different areas: The bar, where you can taste your favourite cocktails, The mezzanine, to be disconnected from the bar's atmosphere, and the dining room, where you can wine and dine in front of the open kitchen. Enjoy live jazz, unconventional pairings and a relaxe...

  18. Phone: +52 81 8114 6603

    Address: Avenida del Roble 660, Valle del Campestre, San Pedro Garza García

    Undoubtedly, this is the reference restaurant in Monterrey and of course, its gastronomic experience is at the highest level. Here wine is a fantastic complement to make your mind fly and enjoy a complete gastronomic experience to the fullest. The beverage programme is managed by Priscila, a friendly, warm, and very pleasant sommelier, who directs a service team who are well trained about the products they offer. The selection includes multiple choices by the glass, bottles of Franciacorta, rosés from Provence, Syrah from Morocco, and fresh whites from Germany and Austria, as well as a good...

  19. Phone: +52 81 1359 4251

    Address: Rio Missouri 555 San Pedro Garza, Monterrey

    Inside Town Center Punto Valle you will find one of the most attractive places in Monterrey to enjoy wine. A place that takes care of the details at the highest level, its focus is the super high-quality cuts of meat and is one of the few places where you can eat certified Kobe in Mexico. Be sure to ask for Alexis Gonzalez, the in-house sommelier, who with the guidance of Steve Ayon, their corporate sommelier, gives you a top experience. His wine program includes labels mainly from Mexico, complemented by high -quality producers from Spain, France, Italy, and even South Africa, New Zealand...

  20. Phone: +52 81 1937 9002

    Address: Avenida de la Industria 300-Local 9, Veredalta, San Pedro Garza García

    Just five minutes from Arboleda, you will find one of the most peaceful and fun places in Monterrey to enjoy wine. Among red velvet curtains and chandeliers with wine glasses hanging from the ceiling, the Grand Cru team shows off its well rehearsed service technique; all of them are trained by Ludovic Anacleto, owner and sommelier. Everyone here has had WSET or CMS training, so they are more than prepared to talk to you about their products, offering friendly guidance and perfect descriptions of their food, which, I must say, is also very good. Their wine list leans mainly towards small, h...

  21. Phone: +52 81 3587 9239

    Address: Río Tamazunchale 305, Del Valle, Monterrey

    Right in Centro Valle, we found one of the friendliest bars in Monterrey. A small hideaway for wine lovers, it offers the possibility of tasting any of their wines, thanks to the use of Coravin. This opens the door to a wide variety of wine styles from Mexico to Minervois, from sparkling to natural, with wines from more than eight countries available. Here you come to talk and taste wine. Their selection of house food, ranging from charcuterie, and cheeses to paninis, can be supplemented with the wide gastronomic range that surrounds Invino, as they let you order food from other places to pai...

  22. Phone: +522299842519

    Address: Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho 2632, Ignacio Zaragoza, Veracruz

    Mardel in Veracruz is a restaurant inspired by the flavours of their land and traditions. They have a menu based on products from their ranch (only 15 km away from the restaurant) and from the sea that frames their fortunate location, right on the waves of the Gulf of Mexico. The fish they use is responsibly caught, using only the best artisanal techniques to ensure you get to enjoy the authentic flavours of Veracruz. As in their cuisine, they look for wines that communicate terroir and originality. The wine list features various styles, from natural wines to the classics. Mardel is also one...

  23. Phone: +52 1 (999) 944 3377

    Address: Avenida Rómulo Rozo 488, Itzimná, Mérida

    K'u'uk is a restaurant that opened its doors in 2012, with the firm intention of keeping Mexican food and wine on the path of the gastronomic vanguard. Although they have a laboratory, their roots are Mayan. They do some pretty crazy and very innovative things, including interactive dishes. The drinks menu includes wines from different parts of the world but focuses on Mexican wine. You can find labels from smaller producers and off-the-beaten-path areas on the list. You can always ask the staff about the hidden gems; they always have a variety of wines for the most passionate wine lovers, fr...

  24. Phone: +52 1 (999) 518 1702

    Address: Calle 47 458, Centro, Mérida

    Micaela Mar Y Leña in Mérida has a casual concept, with food based on wood-fired fish and seafood with a modern Mexican touch and a lot of technique and passion. The love for wine is felt from the moment you enter, and it's probably the restaurant with the most certified sommeliers in the peninsula, with ten sommeliers debating the wines that should enter and leave the menu. This wine menu has been created very meticulously to choose the best. Each wine on the menu has to offer much in its price-quality ratio, surprising the person who tastes it and always leaving the satisfaction of having...

  25. Phone: +52 998 137 1800

    Address: Boulevard Cumbres Supermanzana 310 Manzana 109-L 4, RESIDENCIAL Cumbres Residencial, Cancún

    This is a small paradise filled with mainly French and Italian wine labels but also dotted with wines from Hungary, Mexico, the US, and even Australia and South Africa. These are rare finds in Cancun. Here you will find from Côtes de Gascogne to Champagne Grand Cru, from Lacryma Christi to Ribolla Gialla, Pinotage from old vines, or an amazing red from Chihuahua. The place consists of a couple of tables on the terrace, a large central bar, and a small private room with a wine cellar in the background. It’s a cozy place, reminiscent of these hipster spots in London or Tokyo, where people sit...

  26. Phone: +52 1 55 5327 7762

    Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco IV Sección, Ciudad de México

    The Palm in Mexico City is a true steak & lobster house. It's a restaurant that reminds you of old New York City, with classic decor and dim lights – looking like a mob deal would close in there at any moment. Its wide variety of dishes is only surpassed by the exquisite selection of wines available, with a clear focus on wines from the United States, Spain and France. The staff at The Palm is highly qualified to guide you through your experience. However, you can always entertain yourself (for more than 20 minutes without a problem) in choosing a bottle, as this restaurant collect their wine...

  27. Phone: +52 1 (55) 5327 7700