Winterhalter joins Star Wine List celebrations in South Africa

For warewashing specialist Winterhalter, clean glasses play a significant role in ensuring a pleasant dining experience whilst also safeguarding our health. When Star Wine List of the Year South Africa is celebrated on September 16, Winterhalter presents two categories: Grand Prix and Best Long List.

"Star Wine List is an indication of quality and a guarantee of a high level of refinement. The Winterhalter name also reflects these standards but in terms of providing unparalleled glass washing performance,” says Brandon Park, Managing Director of Winterhalter South Africa.

Winterhalter was founded in 1947, and it's still a family-run company, with 46 subsidiaries around the world. And even today, the characteristics that make Winterhalter the company they are now can be seen from those days - close proximity to the customer, the desire to develop new solutions and then the courage to introduce them to the market. One of the main things that Winterhalter wants to put a focus on when it comes to a dining experience is – the importance of clean glasses.

Imagine sitting down at a beautifully set table, eagerly anticipating a refreshing beverage, only to find it served in a glass with smudges, fingerprints, or lipstick marks. Such an experience can significantly dampen the overall impression of the restaurant and tarnish the dining experience. Clean, sparkling glasses, on the other hand, contribute to the visual appeal of the table setting and enhance the presentation of beverages, making them more enticing to customers.

The cleanliness of glasses also directly impacts the hygiene and safety of customers. Restaurants have a responsibility to provide a safe dining environment, and this extends to the glasses used for serving beverages. Unclean glasses may harbour bacteria, residue, or even lipstick stains, presenting health risks to patrons.

Prioritizing clean glasses are not only vital for customer satisfaction but also crucial for meeting health regulations and standards. Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in penalties, fines, or even closure of the establishment.

Not least, clean glasses of course play an essential role in preserving the taste and aroma of wine and other beverages. Unclean glasses can retain residues from previous drinks, detergents, or improper rinsing, leading to an unpleasant taste or odour. Clean glasses, on the other hand, ensure that customers can fully savour the intended taste and aroma of their chosen beverages, allowing them to enjoy the true essence of their drinks.

“All these factors are well considered and incorporated into Winterhalter machines. Winterhalter has worked hard in recent decades to perfect the washing of glasses and has developed numerous features to make washing efficient, economic & hygienic,” says Brandon Park.

Winterhalter ware washers have DIN SPEC 10534 hygiene certificates that meet the specified microbiological and hygiene standards. When operated properly with a suitable and sufficiently dosed detergent, the ware washers achieve a disinfection level of 99.999 %, while getting a crystal-clear looking glass.

“At Winterhalter we take the greatest care in developing our products to assist and benefit our customers,” concludes Park.

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Published 22-August-2023
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