Twin celebrations for VDP at Prowein

Hilke Dahlem of VDP. Photo Star Wine List.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 14-March-2024
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It's a year of celebration for German wine as VDP's Weinbörse prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary. And at Prowein this week, in its 30 year edition, the VDP area and Hall 1 was among the busiest, writes Star Wine List's Krister Bengtsson.

"We have been here since the start, in the first fair we had just a booth with nine square meters," said VDP's co-president Hilke Dahlem (formerly Nagel) during the final hours of the fair on Tuesday.

For this year's fair, almost 100 VDP estates covered 1100 m2. And one of the booths was held by Star Wine List, courtesy of the VDP and Prowein.

"We are happy to have you! We want to spread the word about Star Wine List because I think it's a great idea," said Dahlem.

The 2024 Prowein edition had its share of challenges outside the organisers' control. Both plane and train strikes hit different parts of the week. Star Wine List's Manu Rosier had to catch a train home to Berlin a day early to avoid being stranded. Despite the challenges, visitors we talked to said they had good made contacts during the fair.

Next up for the VDP is another major celebration, the VDP Weinbörse in Mainz in late April which turns 50 years this year. The event is open for media and trade visitors.

"Weinbörse is probably the oldest national trade fair in Germany. And there nearly all the 200 VDP producers will exhibit, show their new vintage, and so this is even more our home show," said Dahlem.

"We are really happy that VDP has such a standing in the wine world and that all our efforts have born fruit. For me it is 30 years since I joined the organisation," said Dahlem.

And after the Weinbörse, what is next?

"Next year all 200 VDP estates will be sustainably certified. And I think this is also a big goal. We have to be always moving on, always trying to be a role model and developing further," said Dahlem.

Read more about the VDP Weinbörse and register here

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