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Photo Andreas Sundgren, Star Wine List.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 26-September-2023

Six years ago, we started Star Wine List with a simple idea – to guide wine lovers to great wine bars and wine restaurants. The idea caught on and now we have passed 3,000 recommended Red Stars and White Stars in 36 countries.

Last week, I ran into a Stockholm sommelier at Stockholm Arlanda airport. He said they have had many international guests thanks to Star Wine List, and asked me: did you ever think it would grow this big?

Good question, Mario. I did think we would grow it to a global level but perhaps not this fast, especially considering a pandemic got in the way.

Whatever success we have is due to our great team, starting with our core team mostly based in Europe, and all the way through our incredible network of ambassadors and judges for our awards, based on all five continents.

And although 3,000 Red Stars (places we have visited and recommend) and White Stars (recommended wine lists) will give a wine lover plenty of choice, we are only getting started.

Today we are launching our fourth city guide in the US: Chicago, thanks to Torrence O'Haire. And soon we are adding a new country guide in Asia. But most countries on earth are still without Star Wine List guides. Work in progress!

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/Krister Bengtsson, founder

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