Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné joins Star Wine List as Global Partner

Caroline Frey, Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné. Photo courtesy of the domaine.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 12-May-2024

Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné is the latest world-class wine producer to join Star Wine List's Global Partner network. Besides sharing its pioneering stories, Paul Jaboulet will also host categories at several of Star Wine List's wine list awards in the coming year.

"Some of my greatest Rhône moments have been with wines from Paul Jaboulet, and any wine lover who has been up walking on the Hermitage hill will know what I'm talking about. I am therefore very happy and proud to welcome Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné to Star Wine List's Global Partner team," said Krister Bengtsson, founder and publisher of Star Wine List.

Founded in 1834 on the hill of l’Hermitage in Tain l’Hermitage, the Paul Jaboulet Aîné house is today led by winemaker Caroline Frey and her family and team. Since 2016 the vines have been certified organic and cultivated with a regenerative approach.

Delphine Frey Prost, Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné. Photo courtesy of the domaine.

We caught up with Delphine Frey Prost, brand manager.

Thank you for joining Star Wine List as Global Partner, why did you choose to join?

"We chose to join Star Wine List as a Global Partner because we strongly believe in the pivotal role of sommeliers as our foremost ambassadors. Supporting sommeliers and promoting gastronomy aligns perfectly with the core values of Paul Jaboulet Aîné. We recognize that the art of winemaking and the expertise of sommeliers go hand in hand to create memorable dining experiences," said Frey Prost.

"By collaborating with Star Wine List, we aim to celebrate and elevate the craft of sommeliers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the exquisite pairing of our Rhône Valley wines with exceptional culinary creations. Additionally, since Paul Jaboulet Aîné is committed to organic and sustainable viticulture, we value Star Wine List's promotion of sustainability, reflecting our shared values. We look forward to contributing to the platform and connect with people."

The winery. Photo courtesy of the domaine.

What is happening this year with Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné?

"This year, we are returning our focus to our historical roots, emphasizing our heritage with a renewed emphasis on Northern Rhône wines. This includes highlighting our renowned cuvée Domaine de Thalabert and our tailor-made cuvées produced in very limited quantities, such as our Côte-Rotie Les Pierrelles or Cornas Saint-Pierre, among others. 2024 is also a key year for our historical Côtes-du-Rhône brand, Parallèle 45 with a brand-new identity and a broader distribution. Additionally, we are extremely excited about our project to build a new winery in Tain l’Hermitage dedicated to our new estate Domaine de La Chapelle, serving as the perfect setting for our iconic La Chapelle cuvée."

Caroline Frey, Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné. Photo courtesy of the domaine.

And looking towards the future, what is your focus?

"Since 2016, our vineyards have been certified organic and farmed biodynamically, with a strong emphasis on biodiversity. However, our commitment to sustainability doesn't end there. We are continuously striving to enhance our environmental stewardship. This includes meticulously selecting our raw materials, working with local suppliers and minimizing our resource consumption. To further advance our eco-responsibility, we are initiating an analysis of our carbon footprint, aiming to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, with the ultimate goal of reaching net zero in the future."

"We recognize the impact of climate change and the need to prepare for the future. While we know that warm weather can lead to outstanding wines, as demonstrated by the last few vintages, we also recognize the need to manage water stress carefully. To address this, we're conducting experiments like foliage management and soil optimization, and we're committed to expanding these efforts for the long-term sustainability of our vineyards and wines. Additionally, we've built in-house expertise for massal selection and established our own conservatory for Syrah and Marsanne."

Learn more about Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné on their page on Star Wine List here.

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