O Boufés has the Best Short List in Austria 2022

Ester Sökjer-Petersen, sommelier at O Boufés, with Star Wine List's Liora Levi and Krister Bengtsson.

O Boufés in Vienna won the category Best Short List, recognizing the best list with up to 200 references, when Star Wine List of the Year Austria 2022 was celebrated on May 23.

"What a great wine list! Every wine is there for a reason, with a clear natural focus to the list. It simply makes you want to try them all," says jury member Véronique Rivest, Best Sommelier of Canada, about the winning list.

The winners of Star Wine List of the Year 2022 were revealed by Star Wine List's founder Krister Bengtsson and Ambassador Manager Liora Levi during a live event in Vienna on May 23. The event was held together with Dorli Muhr and her PR agency Wine+Partners, who were hosting their annual "Christmas party" the same night.

The silver medalists in this category were:
ALMA – Gastrothèque, Vienna
Schwanen, Bizau

In the jury for Star Wine List of the Year Austria this year, we are proud to have some of the best and most well-renowned wine professionals in the world:

Jury member Véronique Rivest.

Rajat Parr, sommelier, winemaker, author
Raimonds Tomsons, Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa 2017
Véronique Rivest, Best Sommelier of Canada
Salvatore Castano, Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa 2021

The jury members vote independently for their favorites considering width, depth, originality and value. The jurys' votes are then added up to decide the finalists and the winners.

The winners in the international categories are all qualified to the international final of Star Wine List of the Year that will be held in June.

Read more about how we judge Star Wine List of the Year here.

Published 23-May-2022
News / Austria

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