Mandrarossa presents Best Italian Wine List in Sweden 2022

The Italian wine producer Mandrarossa is again partnering with Star Wine List of the Year Sweden. When Sweden's best wine lists are celebrated on April 3, Mandrarossa presents the category Best Italian Wine List.

(Partner story with Nigab)

"It is great to collaborate with Star Wine List and to be a part of the work that is done to highlight exciting wine lists, and at the same time push Sicily, which is an origin in Italy that is advancing on the wine lists," says Patrik Mannheimer, brand manager at importer Nigab.

Mandrarossa was founded in the late 1950s when several small wine farmers came together to fight the recession in post-war Italy. Today, it is a producer that sheds light on modern-day Sicily with its many different vineyards and high-quality wines.

"Lately, Mandrarossa has developed the range with a focus on Sicily. The latest additions are wines from top locations with Nero D'Avola and Grillo and a white and red wine from Etna. The latest wine in the portfolio: a passito from Pantelleria," says Patrik Mannheimer.

Etna, Sicily.

Why is it important for you to present a category in Star Wine List of the Year Sweden?
"It is a great forum for information and tasting."

What do you hope to see on the competing wine lists when it comes to Italian wines?
"The Italian wine production is incredibly diverse, with many indigenous grape varieties that produce unique wines. I hope to see many wines with regional grape varieties on the wine lists."

What is your general opinion about the range of Italian wines in restaurants in Sweden?
"There is a wide range, reflecting the great interest in Italian wines in Sweden."

How important is the Swedish market for Mandrarossa?
"The Swedish market is very important. Swedish consumers are trendsetters when it comes to wine, and they took an early liking to Mandrarossa, a producer who lets you discover and explore high-quality wine from Sicily."

Can you see any general trends in terms of the supply, and consumption, of Italian wines in restaurants in Sweden?
"I see a trend towards a deeper range of Italian wines in the restaurants. Today more lists contain narrower origins and lesser-known varieties. Wines from Etna are a good example of this."

Published 31-March-2022
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