Christy Canterbury MW joins Star Wine List’s jury for New York

Christy Canterbury MW.

American Master of Wine Christy Canterbury joins as one of the judges for the upcoming Star Wine List of the Year New York. The best wine lists in New York will be celebrated on 8 March.

"I agreed to do this because over the last five to ten years, I’ve been horrified by how many wine lists have started to look like others in the New York City market. Before, more lists had authenticity. Recently, there have been too many copy cats. It is particularly painful when the same wines pop up as wines by the glass all over the city. I am hoping for the chance to reward originality," Christy explains the decision to join as a Star Wine List of the Year judge.

The celebration in New York is a part of Star Wine List’s international tour, and the winners will then face off against the winners from many other countries in the international final in June 2023.

Star Wine List is proud to announce that writer, speaker, educator, critic, and media host Christy Canterbury joins the exceptional panel of wine professionals in the jury, including the renowned sommelier and winemaker Rajat Parr; top Canadian sommelier Véronique Rivest, and Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Doug Frost.

Canterbury’s career in wine began ”after a tour in finance that began in Dallas and ended in New York by way of Paris, where my budding passion for wine was cemented”, as she writes on her homepage. Later, Christy Canterbury became the seventh woman in the US to earn the Master of Wine title.

In 2014, the Roederer Awards short-listed her for the Online Wine Communicator of the Year Award, and her work has been published by Decanter, Wine-Searcher, Tim Atkin, and many more.

Christy says that she's had significant amounts of time in her career designing wine lists, and as a restaurant lover, she has spent even more time examining the wine lists that other have created.

"You can tell a lot about the restaurant from the list it offers - whether it really invests in the list, whether it is trying to make its own marks with its list or just catering to local interests and much more.

What is ”a great wine list” for you? What do you look for?
"I look for a wide array of wines at varying price points. I look for values at the low and the high ends. When dining, I love to make discoveries of wines I have never heard of that I want to drink again."

And what for you is a bad wine list?
"The worst wine list is the gold digging price list. Too many wine lists are extravagantly over-priced today. The same wines are suddenly 20-50% more. You can make arguments about inflation, but it is the same wine. At least chose something different so that the new mark up doesn’t look so immediately greedy."

"The second worst wine list is one that makes no effort to be original. In high quality restaurants, if the wine director/sommelier has to copy someone else, s/he should have the position s/he is being paid for."

The jury panel: Véronique Rivest, Rajat Parr, Christy Canterbury and Doug Frost.

The last day to enter the Star Wine List of the Year New York was 29 January, and the event will be held on 8 March 2023.

Any wine list from the New York Metro area can be entered, and participation is free of charge.

Read more about Star Wine List of the Year New York here!

Published 25-January-2023
News / New York City

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