Château Tour des Termes joins celebrations in Ireland

Earlier this year, Château Tour des Termes in Bordeaux was acquired by Irish green entrepreneur Dr Eddie O’Connor. For the upcoming Star Wine List of the Year celebrations in Waterford on 9 October, the domain joins as presenters of the category Best Medium-Sized List.

(Partner story with Château Tour des Termes)

"As we recently joined the Irish owner's connection in Bordeaux, we are delighted to join Star Wine List's first Irish awards to promote wine lists and wine-oriented restaurants,” says Julien Brustis, Director General at Château Tour des Termes.

Classic Saint-Estèphe estate

Château Tour des Termes is one of the classic estates in Saint-Estèphe and it was previously owned by the family Anney for five generations. Its modern-day history began in 1979, when Christophe Anney, grandson of Pierre Anney who bought the estate in 1938, took over as a manager and continued the family tradition by developing the vineyard and investing in buildings and equipment. A major effort back then was also put into plot selection, making Château Tour des Termes one of the best Crus Bourgeois in the appellation.

Owner Eddie O'Connor.

Now Eddie O’Connor – together with Julien Brustis and Christophe Anney – will further continue the quality work that has brought the vineyard to its high standard.

”I have always wanted to own a vineyard in Bordeaux, the world’s greatest wine-producing area. Building on what has been achieved by Christophe and his forebears we intend to create a sustainable vineyard which copes in the best way possible with global warming,” says the new owner Eddie O’Connor.

Increased focus on sustainability

Eddie O’Connor has been a sustainable developer of offshore wind in the Irish and North Seas since 2003 and onshore wind in Ireland, the UK, the US and Chile since 1992. And he has dedicated his career to decarbonisation of the energy supply. He will now bring his knowledge about sustainability to further develop Château Tour des Termes.

Julien Brustis, Director General at Château Tour des Termes

”Right now, we are investing a lot in soil analysis, to better know how to shape our plots. We have around two thirds of clay and limestone, and one third deep gravel. 60 per cent of our vineyards are planted with Merlot, 35 with Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest with Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The plan forward is to increase the amount of Cabernet Franc and focus on fruit expression and finesse,” says Julien Brustis.

All the work on the domain will go in a sustainable direction.

”For example, we are also building a new winery that will use 100 per cent on-site energy.”

Read more about Château Tour des Termes here.

Published 07-September-2023
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Chateau Tour des Termes

Château Tour des Termes is located north of Bordeaux in one of Saint-Estèphe 's great terroirs. Recently acquired by Irish green entrepreneur Dr Eddie O'Connor, the team is dedicated to the future by focusing on sustainable and detail-oriented viticulture.


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