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Alba, Italy

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This restaurant has recently become one of my favourite spots in Alba. The food is well-cooked and the wine cellar is, let’s say at least, spectacular! Owned and managed by two friends from the Campania region where they let the influences from southern Italy meet with the northern. A big focus is on fish and shellfish, and in season you can also get fresh truffle on your pasta. Best of two worlds if you ask me.

The wine program is big, and Francesco who is part owner and takes care of the wine selection, gladly shares his passion and knowledge. Here I have had the chance to taste some Champagnes I have never managed to get my hands on before, and if you are a Burgundy, Barolo and Barbaresco lover – this is the spot for you! Classic, but you can still find some gems from the new world if that's what you crave.

Please ask if you may have a look in their wine cellar, it is astonishing. And if you did not know what to choose before entering, it will be even harder once you see all the goodies! Of course, they also have a few wines by the glass, and if you have special requests, Francesco does not hesitate to meet your wishes. An impressive and fun place for wine lovers.

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    Francesco Ferrara

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